Get Hit by a Bus – Died of Covid-19

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Okay, that’s ridiculous you say? Well, it’s not as far fetched as you may think.

I’ve been half-joking about this for over a month – that it doesn’t matter what a person dies from, it will somehow be attributed to coronavirus.

Then I see this from the Blaze:

Washington health official says state counted some gunshot victims as COVID-19 deaths

“We currently do have some deaths that are being reported that are clearly from other causes.”

A Washington health official admitted that the state counted some deaths from causes other than coronavirus, including victims of gunshot wounds, as part of the COVID-19 death toll.

The Washington Department of Health held a virtual meeting Thursday with reporters. During the press briefing, a Washington health official said that some gunshot victims had been counted as COVID-19 deaths.

“There are a number of nuances to the data that we report and often it is very difficult — especially quickly — to make an assessment on the cause of death,” said Dr. Katie Hutchison, health statistics manager for the Washington State Department of Health.

“We currently have a number where it says unspecified natural causes, for example, again for these deaths, we really aren’t able to make a determination on whether they died from COVID or not,” Hutchison said. “We’re currently reporting only deaths that are identified to a COVID positive case.”

“We have a number of deaths, and right now it’s just under 100, where the death certificate indicates that the person is COVID-19, or probable COVID-19, we’ve not been able to link them to a positive case in our disease tracking system,” she continued. “So we’re not able to definitively rule them in or rule them out.”

“Our current dashboard reflects anyone who died, that tested positive for COVID, irrespective of cause of death,” Hutchison said during the news briefing.

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