Fox News is Lurching Left

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from The American Thinker:

The downfall of Fox News’s Chris Wallace and John Roberts

Some men are alphas, like President Trump, and some men are betas, like Al Gore and the sneering, puffing Biden.  And then there are men who aren’t even strong enough to be betas.  They are, instead, weak, mewling creatures who lack either presence or power, and who then cry about it afterward.  Chris Wallace and John Roberts, both employees at Fox News, have exhibited behavior that’s so craven and humiliated themselves so badly in the eyes of Fox News’s core audience that they should be retired immediately.

It all started with Chris Wallace’s stint as a debate moderator for the first presidential debate.  Right out of the gate, he failed to stop Biden from interrupting Donald Trump:


Trump immediately realized that Wallace was either weak or biased and proceeded to ignore him.  In both estimations, Trump was correct.  For the next 90 minutes, Wallace proved himself to be both ineffectual, for he bleated like a lost lamb when he couldn’t regain control of events, and partisan.  That partisanship was almost criminal when Wallace failed to force Biden to respond substantively to the question about whether Biden intends to pack the Supreme Court.  Trump, a true alpha predator, rode roughshod over the inconsequential Wallace.

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