Fox Impeach Trump Poll Heavily Weighted Toward Democrats

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It seems a bit as was predicted. As Rupert Murdoch divested himself of his Fox holdings and his sons gained more prominence, Fox News would begin to become more liberal. And son-of-a-gun, it looks like it may be happening. So much for fair and balanced.

I been saying for years, not to just accept poll results without first looking into the metrics – how they conducted it, the sample size and the weighting.

By manipulating the metrics, you can make a poll say pretty much anything you want it to. And evidently some at Fox were desirous of just that.

From Western Journalism:

It Now Appears Fox News’ Trump Poll Was Setup in Such a Way That Trump Could Never Win

Was a much-ballyhooed Fox News poll that showed a majority of voters in favor of impeaching the president a rigged survey? That’s what some are claiming after looking at the sample size.

If you’re the type who pays attention to politics or decided to tune in thanks to the impeachment ruckus, you’ve probably seen the poll. It was the clearest sign yet that the president is in political trouble with the American people: 51 percent of respondents said they were in favor of impeaching and removing President Donald Trump over the Ukraine scandal.

Another 4 percent wanted him impeached but not removed, because apparently there’s nothing like a national soap opera without consequence. (Of course, this is how any form of impeachment will likely end — given the facts we know, the politicized nature of the charges and the composition of the Senate.)

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