ESPN Shows how Intolerant they are

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by: Brent Smith

So this guy, Ray Ciccarelli says he’s leaving NASCAR.

Ray is a Truck Series driver.

He says he’s leaving because NASCAR has now crossed over, like the NFL recently, to the virtue signaling darkside. My words – not his, but the sentiment is the same.

Ciccarelli said in a Facebook post, that he doesn’t believe in kneeling during the Anthem nor taking away peoples’ right to fly whatever flag they love.

He continued, saying, “I could care less about the Confederate flag, but there are people that do and it doesn’t make them a racist…”

Oh yes it does – says every leftist!!

NASCAR announced that they will no longer allow any likeness of the Stars and Bars Confederate battle flag to be displayed anywhere, because it offends.

ESPN did a piece on this driver last week. It was not complimentary. What a shocker!

There was a female host as there almost always has to be. That’s neither good nor bad, but it is leftist identity politics at work.

Joining her were three sports analysts – one black, two white. The two crackers were Marty Smith and Max Kellerman. The black guy was Domonique Foxworth, a cornerback who played for the Broncos, Ravens and Falcons. However, they all could have been the same guy, or at least the same mind. They all had the same narrow-minded, myopic, discounting of any differing opinion, mindset.

But that’s the good thing about leftists. They all think and act the same and spew the same crap, with just a few different syllables, so it takes almost no time to identify them.

They also have zero sense of humor, and are unable to see irony in anything they say or do.

After the sports info-babe (h/t: Rush Limbaugh) read Ray’s statement, they brought up the three geniuses on screen.

In the center was a very disappointed Marty Smith, solemnly shaking his head in a tisk-tisk, disapproving manner.

He then presents himself, for all to see, as the inattentive leftist he evidently is – literally in the span of a couple of back to back sentences.
He says Ray has the right to do what he wishes in America. Then in the very next sentence, as leftists always do, he places conditions on Ray’s right to do what he wishes.
Smith says: “there’s just no room, in today’s landscape, for anything that makes anyone feel disparaged, or feel lesser, or uncomfortable.”


Does Marty not see the irony in his statement?

No – because he lives and works in a leftist bubble.

So Marty, what you’re saying is that Ray isn’t really free to say or do what he wishes unless it’s something you statists approve of.

So how about this Marty boy?

I know what the radical left is really up to with all this rioting and crap. And since I know that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are really about tearing down America – tearing up our Constitution and Bill of Rights – the sight of their flags makes me feel very disparaged and uncomfortable.

But you don’t care about my differing viewpoint, because you and your ilk have already picked the winners and losers, and Ray isn’t part of the hip winner crowd – nor am I.

I don’t care who wants to fly the Confederate flag, because I know it’s relatively harmless, being 155 years removed from the end of the Civil war.

When was last time you witnessed a Confederate riot? I never have.

However, flying an Antifa or BLM flag is certainly not harmless, because we see every day that those who fly them are far from harmless.

Next up was Mr. Foxworth, who showed that he knew nothing of what the Civil War was about. It wasn’t about the takeover or destruction of the United States. It was about the succession of the Southern States so that they could remain slave States. They wanted to leave the U.S. and form their own territory – you know, like the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.

And then he echoed the leftist tripe that Marty spewed.

Finally it was Kellerman’s turn. Ugh!

He basically said that there should be a separate category for the Confederate flag in the context of free speech that should exclude it, because of its history and meaning.

And that’s really all you need to know about Max and every other Statist leftist in the nation – that free speech, or flag waving, is only free if the left says so.

Every utterance or symbol they disagree with is deemed hate speech. Hate speech is dangerous – more dangerous, I guess, than BLM / Antifa riots, and therefore not allowed.

Overall, it was brilliant commentary that we have all come to expect from ESPN, who, at this point, may be left of CNN.

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