Don’t Cave on the Constitution

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The beginning of the end of the Second Amendment

by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

I agree with the President on most things, but I can’t on this.

We’ve been hearing, ad nauseum, that polling suggests that the public supports universal background checks and greater gun restrictions. And we’ve not only been hearing this from democrats, but also from Republicans.

So now I guess we’ve given up on protection and defense of the Constitution and will be governed by the whims of the people and politicians?

It reminds of what the father of the modern progressive movement, president Woodrow Wilson said.  (I hate that guy!) “The Constitution was founded on the law of gravitation. The government was to exist and move by virtue of the efficacy of ‘checks and balances.’ The trouble with the theory is that government is not a machine, but a living thing. No living thing can have its organs offset against each other, as checks, and live.”

This was the beginning of the “living, breathing,” Constitution. That musty old document was fine for its day, but it should not have been built on immovable bedrock. Instead it should be built on sand so that it may move and shift with the changing times.

President Trump and the Republicans have expressed openness to a federal red flag law and for “meaningful” background checks.

“Frankly, we need intelligent background checks,” Trump told reporters Friday. He added, “On background checks, we have tremendous support for really common sense, sensible, important background checks.”

What all that means isn’t exactly clear yet. What is clear, from public opinion polling, is that Americans believe gun violence is a problem, and they support more restrictions on guns.

However, last I checked, neither the President, nor the Congress, took an oath to govern by public opinion. Oh I’m sure a lot of them would love nothing more, but that’s not their job.

As Glenn Beck correctly stated recently, if the Republicans and the President cave and adopt, particularly a federal “red flag” law, it will hail the beginning of the end of the Second Amendment.

And lest you think, as maybe a hater of the Second Amendment, that this isn’t a problem – once they are done with this Amendment, it will be on to the next one – perhaps one you do care about. They won’t stop – I guarantee it.

Red Flag laws enable authorities to confiscate someone’s weapon(s) without the burden of “due process.” You know – due process – the underpinning of our entire system of justice.

As Beck says – It’s that little thing that separates us from other countries who just, “kick down doors in the middle of the night.”

In fact it’s worse than just having the right to take away your gun. A red flag law actually gives authorities the right to take away your rights. If that’s not anti-constitutional, I don’t know what is.

Oh sure, it will be advertised as something other than what it is.

President Trump at least appears to have developed the attitude of shoot first, ask questions later. He said he likes due process, but, “take the guns first, due process second … I like taking the Guns early.”

Not a great answer!

Regardless of the reason, the minute you start taking guns away before due process, you’ve trampled on that citizen’s rights and the Constitution.

Representative Dan Crenshaw, a new hero of the right for sure, got pilloried recently for coming out in support of some form of red flag law, but with many more safeguards in it, to make sure the law could not be abused.

You can view his Facebook posting here.

After seeing his post, I agree with virtually everything he had to say, and in a vacuum, all he says makes perfect sense.

But we’re not in a vacuum, and what Crenshaw, or any of these otherwise intelligent, Constitutionalist Reps. don’t seem to be considering is the framework argument of the progressives.

If you give even an inch to progressives, they will never stop until they get their mile.

What we conservatives must come to grips with is that all the gun control lobby wants is an opening. Just get a law on the books. Make is as restrictive as you want – they don’t care, for they know that it can and will be changed down the road. And every time it’s changed, we’ll lose a little more of our rights to keep and bear arms, until there are none left.

And no one has even mentioned how much it is likely to cost a citizen in court, lawyers fees and lost wages, to get his gun(s) back after they’ve been confiscated.

2 comments on “Don’t Cave on the Constitution

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  2. Trump is not a 2nd A advocate at heart. He had a very few issues that were “his”, that he held firm positions on for years…decades. Things that impacted his own business like trade policy, regulation. On most other issues he was NYC Dem pretty reflexively. He’d spout the approved narrative– what he heard from all those around him. He gave those issues very little thought until he decided to run as an R and he HAD to think about them.

    He adopted as his own the issue of immigration because he needed something that had a solid, loyal base but he’s kept his promises to the extent he’s been able in spite of obstruction beyond all reason or common sense. Even there he’s entertained very “liberal” compromises as many of us feared he would.

    But the only issues on which he’s given a lot of thought over many years are those very few that have always been “his”. On others such as 2ndA he’d give in to the heartstring-pullers, surrender to the emotion of it all as the Left wants us all to do if staunch defenders of the logical weren’t there to walk him through the logic again.

    He’s a TV “personality” bizman and like quite a lot of “personalities” he craves an audience, preferably adoring. As an actor in the political show now, he has to have an adoring audience as his base or he’ll literally be voted out of the [White] House.

    I’m supportive of the majority of what he’s done and wants to do, if not necessarily in all his methods–specifically the braggarting involved but he has fun trolling the Left though he’s also alienating some of those “I’s” he’s absolutely going to need voting for him.

    Having a sense of humor seems to be another thing that’s become partisan as in those on the Left have none and those on the right can still laugh at a joke.

    The President needs his DoJ and all his Exec branch people pushing the enforcement of existing laws as the first step to continued cleanup on all the aisles that have been trashed by progressive dimwittery….the “gun violence problem” –which isn’t about guns but people, the “homeless” problem which isn’t about a lack of homes but is a people problem… Laws give structure to people’s societies so they may all live more safely, happily and productively within them…if they’re enforced.

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