Don’t Buy a Home in California – Just Take It!

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Always wanted a home, but can’t afford one? Well it’s your lucky day. Just move to California, find a vacant house and squat in it. It doesn’t matter whether someone else “owns” it. If you want it, it’s apparently your “fundamental human right” to have it.

from the American Spectator:

Taking Property for Fun and Profit


After a group of homeless moms simply moved into a vacant three-bedroom house in Oakland owned by a company that invests in local real estate, local progressives turned them into folk heroes. These women weren’t squatters who took something that wasn’t theirs, but valiant protesters who were standing up for their communities against — all together now — corporate speculators.

As one of these Oakland moms said, “Housing is a human right. I pay bills there. I pay water, PG&E, internet. We live there. We want to purchase the home; it needs to belong back in the hands of the community. It was stolen through the foreclosure crisis.” That certainly puts a new spin on the term “property ownership.”

If I find a house that happens to be vacant, move in, and start paying utilities, then it’s apparently my human right to live there. And since when is foreclosing on a property — i.e., repossessing it after the buyer defaults on the loan — a form of theft? If such fairy tales are turned into rights, who exactly will build housing or provide mortgages?

Most disturbing, however, was the response from some lawmakers. Assemblyman Ash Kalra, D-San Jose, inveighed against “opportunistic landlords and corporate landlords” who “keep our homes vacant,” according to news reports. And it gets worse.

“I want to thank Moms 4 Housing for taking that house and for demonstrating that nowhere, nowhere should there be a vacant house anywhere in California when we have the housing crisis that we have,” Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, told the Los Angeles Times. “And it was totally legitimate for those homeless moms to take over that house.”

Let’s hope Sen. Skinner never buys an investment house or leaves hers vacant for a remodeling or an extended vacation because, you know, it might be my fundamental human right to make myself at home there.

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