Does the Left no longer Care about Slave-Owning Families?

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by: Brent Smith

Well this is interesting. Over the past several years, leftist cancel culture has been on the hunt to uncover, call out and destroy persons whose ancestors were slave owners. Apparently we can now be held to account for what long lost relatives did 150 years ago and more. Seems fair.

But oddly enough, when it comes to one such family and one individual in particular, the main stream press has gone mute and utterly incurious.

And maybe – just maybe, Kamala Harris was correct this whole time, for the individual is none other than her running made, Joseph Robinette Biden.

Recall she called out Biden during a primary debate as a racist. Maybe she was right after all.

Leave to Glenn Beck to do the job the main stream media refuses to do – look into Biden’s background. Lord knows we’ve learned all about the president and his family’s history. Wonder why they haven’t done the same due-diligence when it comes to Uncle Joe, or maybe it should be Massa Joe.

Beck, with but a fraction of the MSM’s resources, uncovered that the Robinette family owned slaves and willed them to one another virtually up to the start of the Civil War.


If this was found out about Donald Trump, the White House would be burned to the ground – again!

Like him or hate him, Beck is doing the job the media refuses to.

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