Do NOT Attend the Armed March

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by: Brent Smith

Take a look at the poster below. It appears to be a call to arms, albeit a peaceful call to arms.

It also appears to be a pro-second amendment march. Only difference is the organizers wish all marchers to be armed and to, as the poster states, march on Capital Hill and all State Capitals – to, “Refuse to be Silenced,” “When Democracy is Destroyed.”

This sounds like pretty heady stuff – talking about Destroying Democracy. If we only had a democracy to destroy.

This looks like a legitimate cause, and one that no doubt, hoards of gun-owning patriots will wish to participate in.

However, I would caution you to tread lightly and think twice before attending. I know for certain, I won’t be anywhere even close to my State capital that day. I won’t touch this march with a 10 foot pole.

Before going any further, I invite you all to open a new tab and search photos or images of pro-Trump and/or pro-Second Amendment Rallies. What do you see?

That’s right – a crap load of good ole red, white and blue. What you don’t see is Red and Yellow, which by sheer coincidence, are the predominant colors of the poster.

Now, I wonder who else uses those same prominent colors?

Well Golly! It’s the flags of both communist China and the Soviet Union. That is so weird! But as I said – I’m sure it’s just happenstance, just dumb luck.

However, if you think this way, you haven’t given it enough thought – or possibly you are without any historical context.

For me though, if I know nothing more than how this poster appears, it’s enough to avoid this event and these people.

And it’s also why I don’t trust this movement or this stupid march on all capitals.

I mean – an armed march? That’ll surely go well.

I am absolutely supportive of peaceful protests and marches of any kind, left or right and don’t much care why you’re marching.

But you don’t bring a weapon to a march.

And unless you know of the origin, the leadership, the funding, who and what is actually behind the movement and/or the march, don’t just show up, don’t join up and don’t involve yourself.

All of the radical left, from the top down, are hell-bent on destroying the Second Amendment, the NRA and confiscating citizens’ weapons. They’ve admitted it.

But don’t mistake evil for stupidity. They know exactly what they’re doing, which is why I think this march may be a huge set-up.

Trying to get a majority of the public on board with leftist’s radical views on guns has been difficult. But create a CRISIS and things can change rapidly.

We saw what happened when just a relative few breached the Capital. It was the end of days according to the main stream media.

Now multiply that hyperbole by a magnitude of 100 or 1000, when at the capital, or some State capital, the “armed march” breaks out into the gun fight at OK Corral. And it only takes a few to light it off.

Please don’t be naïve enough to think that it can’t or won’t happen. The left is counting on it, in my humble opinion.

If you’re planning on attending one of these marches, or even thinking about it, think again. Don’t do it!

I have a real sinking feeling about this. Again, I think we’re being set-up.