Did the Susan Collins Airport Applause Event Really Happen?

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

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I’m not saying Susan Collins is a liar – but maybe she is. My personal opinion is that Collins’ story of her receiving spontaneous applause from people in a Bangor, Maine airport terminal may have been fabricated.

At best there may have been a few people applauding, but that’s it. However, like whisper down the lane, the story has morphed into something grander. And if there were a few people clapping, who’s to say it wasn’t staged by her people?

How can I say this about the distinguished Senator from Maine? Easy – liberals lie and she’s a liberal democrat who just happens to have an ‘R’ after her name. To her, as all liberals – everything boils down to politics and gaining a political advantage. And if one has to, say, stretch the truth to gain advantage – so be it.

“I got off the plane and there was a large group of outbound passengers, none of whom I happened to know. And spontaneously, some of them started applauding, and then virtually all of them started to applaud. It was just amazing. I’ve never had the happen in the 20 years that I’ve been privileged to serve in the Senate. So it was very encouraging and affirming,” Collins said.

I’m not saying this absolutely did not happen, and maybe calling her a liar is a bit strong, but let’s just say I’m skeptical.

In this age of virtually everyone in America carrying a smartphone, people seem always to be at-the-ready to take photos and videos of the most trivial and incidental happenings. Logically then, you would think there would be videos and dozens of photos of the monumental event. Thus far I’ve found exactly one still photograph, attached to a Twitter post, of Collins disembarking the aircraft heading into the terminal.

Elite Daily exclaimed: “The moment went viral on Twitter on Friday. The photo of Collins smiling, surrounded by applauding supporters at the airport has been retweeted more than 14,000 times.”

Here’s the photo.

The guy that tweeted the nothing photo caption it thusly. BLCKDGRD wrote: “This is true. Susan Collins on our plane to Bangor, gets applause as she passes through Bangor airport waiting area.”

Now, as the old question goes – are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?

I count 22 people. One lady has her hands together but isn’t looking at Collins. The rest, mostly seated, are just patiently waiting for their plane. Not a single person in view is even acknowledging her. A few appear to be talking on their phones, but are not looking in her direction.

I’m looking hard, but my lying eyes still don’t see any “applauding supporters,” much less a “large” group. Yet dozens, if not hundreds of “respectable” national news and websites have all posted story after story of the Collins triumphant return to her home State after vanquishing Trump and the Skinny, scrawny, anemic Senate repeal bill.

Virtually all of them used the same photo – which assures me that this is the one and only – and exactly none of them questioned the validity of her story. If this had been a conservative, all would have insisted on documented, time-stamped video evidence, with deposed witnesses.

Some would say this is just trivial and much to do about nothing. I disagree. Nowhere do I see a shred of evidence that this “event” took place. There is no video or audio proof. There have been no eyewitnesses interviewed, being allowed to bloviate about how courageous Susan was and that passengers just couldn’t contain there enthusiasm. Nothing.

To me, this seems like another ginned up attempt, like so many skewed polls, to prove to the nation, and us “haters,” just how popular ObamaCare is and that we can’t repeal it.

Another win for the left.

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