Dems Whine about Facebook?

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Well this is rich!

The second things don’t go the way they want, leftist progressive statists whine like stuck pigs. And my apology to stuck pigs.

Facebook finally releases what appears to be a reasonable and fair ad policy prior to the 2020 election heating up, and because the dems get no advantage from it, they claim that Zuckerberg, of

all people, is getting his marching orders from president Trump.

And as government statists always do, they wield the power of the federal government as a bludgeon to threaten a private company.

Like I said – this is rich.

from NewsBusters:

The media and Democrats want to limit Facebook ads before the 2020 election. But Facebook refused to cave in to their demands.

In a Jan. 9 blog post published by Facebook Director of Product Management Rob Leathern, the company argued that “we don’t think decisions about political ads should be made by private companies.” Facebook stated that its principle was that “people should be able to hear from those who wish to lead them, warts and all, and that what they say should be scrutinized and debated in public.”

The Democrat chair of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), Ellen Weintraub, claimed that Facebook’s “weak plan” was only a “window-dressing” when the company “needs to be putting out the housefire it has lit.” She also suggested that the statement “virtually invites Congress to re-examine Facebook’s Section 230 exemptions.”

The New York Times bemoaned the “misleading advertisements” that were still allowed to continue on Facebook.

The Washington Post wrote that Facebook had “defied public calls to adopt significant limits on political advertising ahead of the 2020 presidential election.”

CNN political commentator Karen Finney tweeted, “Another reason to quit Facebook.” Guardian writer Carole Cadwalladr opined that “Zuck has taken his orders from Trump … Zuckerberg has sanctioned the delivery of toxic lies to voters…for profit.”

Tech magazine Gizmodo hinted that Facebook had only relied on the feedback from the Republican Party, instead of both parties. The article speculated, “Perhaps the people of Facebook are watching too much Fox News. Or, as we well know, Facebook board members are spending too much time having dinner at the White House and literally advising the President of the United States.”

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