Dems Want to Count Non-Citizen Votes – What a Surprise

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It seems that left to own their devices, the democrats will never just do the right thing. It’s ever and only about winning and winning at any and all cost.

from the Blaze:

Gillum, Nelson lawyers object to discarding non-citizen vote, now suing to recount excluded ballots

On Friday, attorneys for both Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson objected to disqualifying a non-citizen vote during the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board proceedings, as outlined in a transcript from the court reporter hired by the Palm Beach County GOP to create a record of the meeting, which is open to the public.

Chairman of the Palm Beach County GOP, Michael Barnett, spoke to the Blaze on Saturday about the transcript and the events surrounding it. During that conversation, Barnett told The Blaze that the county GOP is intervening as an interested party in a lawsuit filed by Bill Nelson’s attorneys to have all previously excluded mail-in ballots recounted.

“They’re desperate,” said Barnett, who also serves as Vice Chair of the state GOP. “They’re trying to steal this election from Rick Scott who rightly won this race.”

The incident with the non-citizen ballot was on Friday night and Barnett provided a portion of the transcript as recorded by the court reporter hired by the party’s General Counsel, who on Saturday was at the tabulation center overseeing the lawyers and volunteers for the GOP.

Here is the transcript:

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