Dems Register Refugees to Vote

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The following video is from Conservative Review. It shows the chairwoman of the Nebraska State Democrat Party speaking about welcoming immigrant and refugees into her State. She is proud that on a per capita basis, Nebraska welcomes the greatest amount of immigrants and refugees. I’m sure the people of the red State of Nebraska would be thrilled by this news.

The video shows her walking to and displaying several of what she calls welcome baskets for incoming refugees. There are the usual items, including blankets, pillows, toilet paper and such. And then on top of each basket, is an envelope she says is from the Nebraska State Democrat Party. Inside the envelope is a letter welcoming the new welfare recipients (my words – not hers), and one other thing – a VOTER REGISTRATION CARD!! Yes – a voter registration card, which is clearly illegal, but described by her in passing as harmlessly as reciting a shopping list.

The entire short video is a must see, but the shocker is at 2:36 in. What’s the democrat refrain – there is no voter fraud?

Watch the video:

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3 comments on “Dems Register Refugees to Vote

  1. Okay…I probably should have waited till a bit later before reading this one since I hate starting my day by using up all the suss words I know right off the bat.

    I believe violence should be a last resort but twats like this one really challenge that opinion. I want so very badly to b*tch slap her. Repeatedly. Till she effing “gets it”.

      • I know. I think I even know which mental “disease”—schizophrenia. Comes from embracing contradictory beliefs simultaneously on virtually every issue and they do it on purpose. They intentionally create cognitive dissonance since it feeds their fundraising efforts.

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