Dems May Regret not Voting for Tax Cuts

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from IBD:

GOP Tax Cuts Are Turning Out To Be A Disaster … For Democrats

Not long ago, Democrats expected that the GOP tax cuts would be a political disaster for Republicans, just like ObamaCare was for Democrats in 2010. How’s that prediction working out?

Writing in the Atlantic in December, longtime political reporter Ron Brownstein argued that “President Trump and congressional Republicans have just taken the same leap of faith that Democrats did when they passed the Affordable Care Act.”

He went on to note that after Democrats passed ObamaCare in early 2010 — despite strong public opposition — the backlash from voters “helped propel Republicans to the biggest midterm gain in the House for either party since 1938 and gave them a majority in the chamber they still haven’t relinquished.”

The left-wing news site Huffington Post echoed that sentiment — with a story headlined “ObamaCare Plagued Democrats In 2010. The GOP Just Voted For A Bill Even Less Popular” — predicting that the GOP would end up “hoping that when voters head to the ballot box next year, the tax bill isn’t at the top of many minds.”

It’s true that ObamaCare contributed to the huge GOP gains in 2010. But the idea that the allegedly unpopular tax plan would likewise propel Democrats to victory this November was a fantasy.

It turns out that — unlike ObamaCare — the more people know about the GOP tax cuts, the more they like them.

In fact, the latest poll from The New York Times finds 51% supporting it. That’s up from 37% in December and 46% in January. Other polls, including the IBD/TIPP poll,  have found similar shifts.

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