Democrats Show who the Real Extremists Are

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from IBD:

Democrats Dig Themselves Into A Hole After Trump’s Speech

President Trump’s political opponents complain that he is petulant, extremist and divisive. Then they revealed themselves at the State of the Union — with the entire country watching — to be far more petulant, extremist and divisive than Trump. Touché.

Trump has many faults, but one of his unique abilities is to drive his opponents absolutely bonkers. That was nowhere more evident than Tuesday night, when Trump delivered what was by all estimations a very good speech. A CBS poll found that 75% approved of it, and CNN’s poll found that 70% had a positive reaction.

The resulting contrast between Trump’s speech and the Democrats’ childish antics in the House chamber that night was painful.

At one point, Trump stated the fact that black unemployment is at historic lows.

This is a tremendous achievement, and one that every American should celebrate. Trump wasn’t even taking credit for it, he was just listing it as one of the many signs that the economy is doing better. The reaction from Democrats — but especially from members of the liberal Black Caucus — who sat glowering in their seats, was incredible.

What is the message they are sending? That it’s not true? (It is true. No one denies it.) That it’s bad because it happened while Trump was president? (Why should that matter?) That they don’t care?

The message they actually sent was that they are so blinded by their intense hatred of Trump that they can’t even cheer the fact that their own constituents are doing well.

State of the Union
Democrats sat stone-faced when President Trump announced during his State of the Union speech that minority unemployment rates are at historic lows. (C-SPAN)

Democrats couldn’t even rouse themselves when Trump promised to “invest” heavily in infrastructure, which has been the party’s obsession for decades. One observer noted that congressional Democrats didn’t even want to applaud when Trump praised … Congress.

Their sophomoric behavior didn’t go unnoticed, even by the liberal press. The headline in an NBC News story about the speech said: “Democrats scoff, boo, groan, glower” during Trump’s speech.

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