Democrat Loonies are Taking Over

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from Conservative Review:

The lunatic fringe is defining the Democrats

When the mouthpieces of the American Left announced they would “RESIST” Trump in every way, they didn’t take into consideration the importance of balance that the American people search for. So when they allowed their lunatic fringe to become the voice and the face of this Resistance, or whatever they claim to be, there’s a heavy dash of BS that most Americans can detect.

The act of resistance assumes that something is being done to those who claim to resist it. But so far, the resistance claims something is always being done to someone else.

They hate Trump because they say he’s a racist and a misogynist and he’s like Hitler or some fascist dictator, but nothing detectable is happening to them to prove their case. In other words, they think they see things that aren’t there, and they think they’re fighting for people who aren’t complaining.

One of the Left’s biggest complaints is that Trump is a rich white man, and he stands accused by primarily rich, white men and women. But then while claiming they stand for women, one of their favorite “oppressed groups,” they engage in threatening, berating, cursing at, and screaming at specifically the women of the Trump administration. Hillary Clinton may have claimed Trump supporters are deplorables, but her erstwhile supporters are much worse.

Joe Scarborough claimed that everyone who supports the president is openly racist. Scarborough articulated the Left’s entire position and revealed just how strong this psychosis is.

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