Cruz Still Stands on Principle

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from the Resurgent:

Heidi Cruz Had To Be Escorted Out For Her Safety Because of Trump Unity

Donald Trump graciously extended an invitation to his main rival, Ted Cruz, to speak at his  convention. Cruz congratulated Trump for winning the nomination, expounded at length on Republican values, attacked Hillary Clinton, President Obama and the Democrats, and exhorted the crowd to show up in November and vote their conscience.

After the speech, Trump appeared on the stage with Cruz, linked arms with him, with Heidi and Melania, waving to the adoring crowd.

And snowballs rose up from Hades, striking the flying pigs. Except for part about Cruz’s speech. That actually did happen.

In the closing moments of Cruz’s speech, when it became obvious that the Senator was not going to pledge personal fealty to the Orange Throne, the Trumpkins became agitated and started chanting. They whipped up a frenzy that caused RNC staffers to escort Heidi Cruz from the floor amid chants of “Goldman Sachs” according to Megyn Kelly. And they called Cruz “classless.”

Trump wasn’t in the room when Cruz spoke, until the speech ended. He didn’t appear on the platform. Cruz’s speech was scheduled for 9:45pm, which Cruz mass emailed to everyone on his mailing list. Then the RNC changed the time at the last minute to 9:30 without warning. Oops, maybe some of his supporters missed it.

I won’t blame the RNC for the power glitches that plagued Cruz’s speech, where the video wall kept jumping and blacking out like Max Headroom. Since Apple wasn’t in the room, having withdrawn all support from the #TrumpCircus, apparently nobody could figure out how to fix it.

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4 comments on “Cruz Still Stands on Principle

  1. As I see it, Cruz stood on the principle of “Believe me when I sign an oath to pledge my support, but will use my own judgment to withdraw said support despite my pledge.”

    I call that “Speaking with two faces, both of which are dirty.”

    • Trump backed out of that so-called pledge back in March so Ted couldn’t break what was already shattered.

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