COVID Variant Strains – Another Convenient Cry of Wolf

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by: Brent Smith

In January of this this year I posted a piece on World Net Daily explaining how I was not at all convinced that new strains of COVID-19 even existed.

I expressed it as just another excuse to keep us masked-up and locked down.

Can you blame any of us for being, at the very least, skeptical, “after all the misstatements, half-truths and outright lies we’ve been fed, not only scientifically and medically, but politically, in regards to the election, I’m finding it increasing difficult to believe that a new, mutated strain of the virus has been discovered, just as the vaccine is being widely distributed.”

I added that, “This is a classic, virtually textbook demonstration of the Boy who cried Wolf.”

As it turns, variant strains have been discovered – so I was wrong about that. But I was right about the fearmongering over it, and I’m sure the motivation behind the panic-porn, pro-lockdown crowd. They need to keep inventing fresh scares in order to further their agenda of the “new normal.”

And once again, Daniel Horowitz exposes them.

from the Blaze:

The big lie behind the panic over COVID ‘variants’ exposed

‘Variants’ are the new ’15 days to flatten the curve’

It was the most unprecedentedly destructive decision in the history of human civilization. Officials decided to lock down a society and treat every human being like a leper until a vaccine was introduced, regardless of whether those interventions helped one iota in slowing the virus. Well, the vaccine is here, so it’s game over, right? Wrong. “Variants” are the new 15 days years to flatten the curve. Except the premise is built on a lie.

“The US is at risk of losing all its recent gains in the battle against Covid-19 as highly contagious variants take advantage of Americans getting lax with safety measures,” read the opening line of a fresh new piece of panic porn from CNN on Tuesday. Never mind the fact that the mask mandates have not been lifted one iota in states like California and have been intensified at the federal level, but of course, we already know masks don’t work.

It’s the perfect narrative. What more can they do to keep people under their control as roughly 35% of the country has already gotten the virus and pretty much any vulnerable person who wants a vaccine now has access to one? Well, watch out for the new variants that, of course, just magically appeared and were never there all along – they will make us start all over again!

We already know that T cells and B cells play the predominant role in stimulating immunity against coronavirus, at least against any serious illness. So how does T cell immunity work against the new strains? Researchers at the Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccine Research, La Jolla Institute for Immunology, tested both people who already had the original strain of the virus and those who had the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines to see if the T cell responses worked against the four new strains: B.1.1.7 (British), B.1.351 (South African), P.1 (Brazilian), and CAL.20C (Californian).

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