Conservatives to Watch…or Teddy and the Cruzers

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by: the Common Constitutionalist


It seems these days there is very little to get excited about.


The debt and deficit, Obama’s 4 billion-dollar budget request, drastic unilateral military cutbacks, Obamacare, the new normal of absurdly priced gas, Russia and Ukraine and the constant struggle of us conservatives versus our own party. Man, that is a lot to wrestle with.


Many, and at times all of us, have asked ourselves; what can we do? How do we fight this progressive madness? Can and will anyone stand up to Obama and the Democrats or the Republican establishment?


Well, this can and may be the year. This can be our watershed moment. The year where we begin to throw off the shackles of establishment Republicanism. The moment in history we take hold of our destiny and reverse what will otherwise be inevitable.


More and more true American conservatives are coming forth to unseat the old Republican guard. Sure, in past years, this has been a pipe dream, but this time, it feels different.


Just look at the recent results in Texas with the Ted Cruz backed conservatives all but sweeping their primaries. 4 out of 5 “Cruzers” won out right and the other is in a runoff.


So who should we be watching? Who are these “real” conservatives?


The following is but a short list of candidates that are growing in prominence. They are beginning to appear on Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity’s shows.


I remind everyone to do their own homework on these folks. Don’t take anyone’s word for it.


Most everyone is aware of Matt Bevin’s  bid to unseat Mitch McConnell in Kentucky and he has a real shot. McConnell is terrified and Bevin sounds great. He has been endorsed by Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Freedom Works and the Senate Conservative Fund.


Mike Lee has endorsed Ben Sasse  in Nebraska. There are actually two solid conservatives to choose from in this state. The other is Shane Osborn . Take your pick. Seems we can’t lose with either candidate.


Greg Brannon  is running for a Senate seat in North Carolina. He is an extremely strong and intelligent conservative. Glenn Beck was impressed by him during a recent interview. He has been endorsed by Rand Paul.


Chris McDaniels  is attempting to unseat Thad Cochran in Mississippi, the 76-year-old fossil who’s been in the Senate since 1978. I think that’s long enough Thad.


Establishment hitman Haley Barbour said, “It’s a little bit unusual for somebody in the same party to run against somebody who’s viewed as a legend.” Wow! Really Haley?


I had never heard of Brenda Lenard in Tennessee, until I received a LinkedIn invitation from her the other day. She’s running against another establishment weenie, Bob Corker. Here’s a quick blurb to get you started.
It’s actually quite exciting to be able to rattle off so many potentially strong conservative challengers.


Take a look at Dan Bongino in Maryland, Barry Loudermilk in Georgia, Bryan Smith in Idaho and Julianne Ortman in Minnesota who would challenge the Democrat rubberstamp, Al Franken.


Milton Wolf in Kansas, Rob Maness in Louisiana and Matt Lynch for Congress to unseat congressional Republican hack Dave Joyce in Ohio.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg. What do these candidates all have in common? They need cash to “fight the power”. Oh here we go – everybody wants money. I can hear it now.


Yep, you’re right. But this is no establishment, $10,000 a plate plea. Anyone, everyone can spend $5 or $10 per candidate. Pick four or five or more and donate to their campaigns or to a fund that will actually support them. Funds like Freedom Works, Heritage Action, the NRA, the National Conservative Campaign Fund or the Senate Conservative Fund.


Just be careful who you are donating to. Steer clear of anything GOP or Republican.


If we’re serious about this, we have to pony up. It’s that simple.