Conservatives Are Catching On to the Talk Show Double-Tongues

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Well, I have to tell you – I thought very few of us real conservatives recognized the apparent waffling and double-speak by big-time national Talk Radio hosts regarding Donald Trump. But evidently this is becoming a growing issue and frankly it’s nice to see. Independent-minded true Constitution-first conservatives are beginning to call out these hosts.

I’m speaking of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Since they have been on the air, I’ve described these two as unwavering defenders of the Constitution. I, like millions of you, have faithfully listened and agreed with most of their views. They’ve always been straight shooting, honest brokers of the right – and what is right. They say what they mean and mean what they say – which, even if we don’t agree on everything, is all you can ask of anyone.

Along came Glenn Beck and Mark Levin and I thought – great – now conservatism owns the airwaves. From morning through night, we can now count on a like-minded voice in the wilderness of otherwise liberal media. They each have their own unique way of cutting through the bull from liberals and progressive, establishment Republicans. The big four have seen us through political season after political season, giving no quarter to the left or mushy moderate right.

Then came the 2016 Presidential Primary and things began to change. The field was chock-full of candidates – most not having a prayer from the start. But it was and excellent group of people – some with a history and some virtual political unknowns.

The Republican electorate instantly began to gravitate toward these outsiders as they said all the right things – things we never heard the political class say. The non-politician outsiders Trump, Carson and Fiorina took off leaving all but one, Ted Cruz, behind.

Being politically incorrect had become manna for the right and the Washington insiders began to fall away. This afforded the outsiders more opportunity in the spotlight. Some took advantage – Trump and Cruz – some stumbled – Carson and Fiorina. Now, for all intents and purposes, it is a two man race and people are lining up behind either Trump or Cruz.trump-cruz-liar1

Historically those in the media have rarely chosen sides during the primaries, but this feels different. It is different, as conservatives feel the urgency of selecting the man who may begin to set things right – literally. It appears to be so urgent that two of the big four Radio Hosts have taken a side. Glenn Beck was first out of the gate for Ted Cruz, followed by Mark Levin.

Limbaugh and Hannity have not chosen sides – and this is fine – to a point. If they choose to remain impartial, no one can fault them for it. But there’s the rub. I can only speak for myself, but neither Rush nor Sean sound impartial. Although they clearly like Cruz, as both, particularly Rush has extolled Cruz’s Constitutional bona fides, they seem to have an odd affinity for Trump. I too fell pray to his brash nature and tough, no-nonsense talk early on.

But then, like many conservatives, we watched and listened and researched his pass. I, like many, found stark disparities between what Trump has said on the issues and what he is now saying. I’ve heard, by his own words, his past positions, whom he calls his friends, whom he “get’s along with” and who he has donated to. And I’ve heard excuse after excuse for these wrush_trump_hannityords and actions.

I understand why conservatives love Trump. We’ve never seen a candidate from the right speak this way and it is invigorating. I get it – but conservatives are supposed to be more thoughtful than the great unwashed. We are the informed. We should not be the ones who fall prey to fiery speeches and a combative tone. As Rush says –we are supposed to the “issues crowd.”

Yet sadly many have – and as such have invested their own identities in this candidate. As Trump said, and it appears correct, that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose his supporters. I believe he is correct and he knows it. This is dangerous. His followers no longer support the idea of returning to a constitutionally restrained federal government. They simply follow Trump.

Many conservatives are now waking up to realization that Rush and Sean are enabling this sycophantic following. They spend their airtime excusing and explaining away Trump’s missteps and poor behavior. They discount his uninformed off-the-cuff answers to questions by claiming he was just being set-up by the left.

However the two don’t do the same for Cruz – because they don’t need to. What Cruz lacks in brashness and boorish behavior, he makes up for with his command of the issues – which is what we, Rush and Sean included, claim to want in a candidate. A Const_Strikes_Back1-640x360candidate who is smart, can make a speech, can win a debate and is dedicated to the Constitution.

This is difference between Trump followers and Cruz supporters. Trump supporters follow the man – Cruz supporters follow a set of ideas and ideals. Cruz just happens to be the embodiment of those at this time. If he wavers – we’re gone. The same can obviously not be said of Trump folks.

I don’t know why Rush and Sean are doing what they are. I suspect they too have fallen prey to the win at all cost mentality and they apparently think Trump can beat the democrat as well as can Cruz. Just beat Hillary is the mantra. They don’t seem to care who we may end up with in doing so.

By his own words and actions, I see the type of authoritarian leader Trump is likely to be and it scares me. I don’t know why Rush and Sean don’t. Worse, they too see it and choose to excuse it away.

4 comments on “Conservatives Are Catching On to the Talk Show Double-Tongues

  1. My sentiments exactly. No doubt Trump would be so much better than what we had to endure for going on 8 years now and we owe him a debt of gratitude for getting the debate going on a host of issues. But, the author is right in that it reminds of how the Obama supporters were 8 and 4 years ago as they seemed to follow blindly without any desire to vett to see what’s at the core of his thinking, what principles he really stood for.
    Now it seemingly is happening at least somewhat, on the opposite extreme.

    What we need is to return to core, foundational, and constitutional principles and Ted Cruz not only continually has not only spoken elequently for these principles, but has shown us by his actions in the Senate, as well as his advocacy before the Supreme Court, that he is the real deal and tells the truth. He alone (with God’s help of course), is our best hope for saving us from the dangerous, slippery slope and lose of liberty we have truly been witnesses of for way too many years now.

    God bless the USA! Pray, support and take faithful action for Ted Cruz as our best hope to return to constitutional, foundational principles for the restoration of liberty, truth and yes, I must say, common sense and sanity.

  2. I support Trump because …

    I AM NOT really all that “pro-Trump” but … over many electoral cycles … specifically Presidential ones … I have cast my votes specifically AGAINST other candidates rather than FOR any candidate. (With the exception of the last few Congressional … House & Senate … races)

    Romney, McCain, Bush were ALL outright garbage in my eyes … they were simply better garbage than what the “other party” was offering.

    I don’t know if Trump would be a “good” President or “bad” … the same as I didn’t know about Ross Perot … but I think that the Election of Trump to the Presidency would shake BOTH parties to their core.

    Cruz MIGHT have been a good candidate … if we weren’t so “Bad Off” as we are presently. However, He IS a Politician … even if he is a conservative … and Politicians have led us to where we are now. I think he wouldn’t have the absolute BRASS needed to stomp on the othe politicians. I think he would STILL be “part of the Club” and not want to Damage his relationships within the Party … within the Political Circle …

    With the Election of Trump, The Establishment Politicians would have the realization shoved down their throats that it was time to actually Go Back To Work and Begin to Do Their Jobs or … they would LOSE all the Goodies that they have managed to build into the System. They would have to come to grips that They are Actually Responsible to Carry Out the Wishes of Their Constituents … or, at least, reasonably TRY.

    Would Trump be a Great President?
    I Don’t know. Some of the things he mentions would be GREAT.
    Can he get them done against a Congress Loaded with Deadwood and Resistant Politicians? I Don’t Know.
    Would the Establishment Politicians actually Get the Message? I Don’t Know.

    What I DO Know is that the choices We have before Us are Very Few. Any of the Rest of these Horrible Candidates is a Vote to Continue the Way We are Going NOW … or perhaps even worse.

    Trump is the ONLY Alternative I See to Our Changing Things ENOUGH to allow a serious Change in Course to Begin …

  3. I’ve got news for the idiot who wrote this article, American’s don’t want lying Teddy Cruz or the future step-son of Mark Levin, who works for lying
    Teddy Cuz! We want Donald Trump who will kick some sense into the so
    called Republican’s in Washingon D.C. & get things done. Trump will get his
    1237 delegates easy! Teddy can go back to the senate & enjoy the last 2 yrs. of his term! I doubt he will be reelected!!!! Kasich can go back to his lobbyist wifeeee! Go Trump!!!

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