Conservative Black is a Racist – Because he Has to Be

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from the American Thinker:

Media Matters vs. Blacks

Having dispatched Alex Jones from most every public platform on the face of the earth, the left is looking to engage more targets.. With an insatiable appetite to remove conservative thought from the public square, they have found a new whipping boy to thrash. His name is Jesse Lee Peterson, and his face is being plastered on liberal “Most Wanted” posters for his “white supremacist content.”

In an odd twist, it turns out that Mr. Peterson is a black man whose family worked on a plantation in Alabama. His personal history is replete with being born in the Jim Crow south and overcoming many obstacles. He is someone who intimately understands racism.  But pay no attention, because Media Matters has labeled Peterson “a far-right radio host and media personality.” And his crime appears to be that he’s successful.

Here, the far-left Soros-funded organization seems to have lurched uncontrollably into the truth. Peterson’s YouTube channel boasts 142,842 subscribers at the time of this writing, close to 20K people follow his Facebook page and another 41K on Twitter. And perhaps most damning of all — Peterson is a black man who dares to be conservative. For shame.

This popularity has placed the leftist bull’s eye squarely on Peterson’s back. According to Media Matters, “Peterson’s YouTube content contains a torrent of anti-Black, anti-gay, and misogynistic hate.” For sure, Peterson is a boisterous and strident opponent of what he calls “the Democratic plantation” which is “really worse than the plantation I grew up on,” as is evident from this quote to Yahoo News:

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