One comment on “Commies are Commies; Liberals are Liberals

  1. If you want to expend energy worrying about communism, be my guest. Most of your fellow citizens, however, have little interest in this topic. Virtually no one under 30 even cares about such things. Their elders do remember the witch-hunts however.Fortunately Joe McCarthy left Washington in disgrace only to shortly die thereafter from cirhossis due to his love affair with booze…an angry drunkard if there ever was one. The other “commie” basher J. Edgar Hoover became America’s favorite drag queen. When Hollywood uses your heroes as comedy punch lines your cause becomes laughable. When late night tv uses these clowns for cheap laughs, you know your cause is toast and no one takes you seriously. We, as a nation, haven’t looked under the bed for commies in years. The only thing you will find under there is maybe your slippers and the remote control. I think its precious that so many of you are nostalgic for the 50s….bless your lil’ hearts…as they say down south.

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