Colorado Shooter is not a White Guy – No Contrition from the Left

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by Brent Smith

By next week, maybe not even that long, this Colorado “mass shooting” event will have evaporated into nothing, for it blows up the left’s narrative.

Not a White Supremacist

As they always do, their knee-jerk vilification of the “white man” is astonishing. This narrative, thanks to the main stream media, has been beaten into minds of leftists. And their hatred for whites and conservatives is only amplified by these events.

It shows that the left has no interest whatsoever in “unity,” as they all, in lock step, jumped to the same, emotionally driven, wrong conclusion. If it’s a mass shooting, the shooter must be white, a white supremacist, and must have used an AR-15 “weapon of war.” No other conclusion can even be considered.

And once they discover they were as wrong as they could be, that the Colorado shooter was a Muslim from Syria who hated Trump and likely America, no leftist will ever even consider offering an apology. It seems the murderer has more in common with leftists than with conservative Trump supporters. Kindred spirits, if you will.

Frankly I pity them – I feel sorry for them, that so many have succumbed to such brainwashing.

from Katie Pavlich at TownHall:

The Colorado Shooting Suspect Just Destroyed the Left’s Narrative

Since a man opened fire in a Colorado grocery store Monday night, killing nine shoppers and a police officer, the Left has loudly proclaimed the shooter was a “white man” and “white supremacist.” In typical fashion, they didn’t wait for the facts.


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