College Students Happily Donate to Hamas

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I’m not sure if we’re doomed quite yet, but after seeing and reading this – I’m thinking we may be knocking on the door. What can these “Skulls full of Mush” (h/t: Rush Limbaugh) possibly be thinking, actually donating to an Islamist terrorist organization, regardless of the cause they claim?

And if you’ve wondered what a sub-par education looks like – look no further.

from the Blaze:

‘American Friends for Hamas’ asks Portland college students for donations to ‘destroy Israel’ — and the woke youngsters are only too happy to help

Ami Horowitz — a creator of digital shorts that throw conservative light on sociopolitical issues — is at it again.

What are the details?

Horowitz decided to pay a visit recently to left-wing bastion Portland State University to pose as a worker for “American Friends for Hamas” — a made-up group — who asks students to pledge donations in order to assist the terrorism-loving organization to carry out its mission to “destroy Israel.”

And boy, did Horowitz lay it on thick for the camera.

“We’re not your father’s terrorist organization,” he told students without a hint of tongue in cheek. “We’ve kind of evolved beyond that. It’s still kind of what we do, but we’ve kind of rebuilt and rebranded ourselves and, you know … Hamas is where it’s at!”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Horowitz even added the telltale rolling tongue on the “H” for extra Middle Eastern authenticity.

He proceeded to tell students that his group was raising money to help “fund operations against Israel” — and that they were looking to hit “soft targets” in “civilian populations” such as cafes, schools, hospitals, and places of worship to “make ’em feel it.”

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