Call Us a Cult if You Like – Just do it on the Way Out

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by: Brent Smith

Well, I for one, think this is great news.

I know others may say that the Republican party is the real “big tent” party. And as such we need as many varying voices and viewpoints as we can get under one umbrella.

And many well known and well-respected conservatives continually lecture us on the importance of keeping the Party together – that we true-conservatives and Trump supporters, should not go off all half-cocked and try to form a third Party, like the suggested Patriot Party.

It’s been my long-standing view that the two party system is overrun with corruption and “insider-trading,” for want of another term. Because of this, I would have no misgivings about leaving the corrupt, stand-for-nothing GOP.

But now we real America-loving conservatives may not have to leave honest Abe’s Party. It seems that a gaggle of spineless, establishment Bush-era RINOs are instead leaving the Party, possibly clearing the way to a more conservative take over of the Party.

Dare to dream.

from The American Spectator:

Ex-Bush Officials Flee the Party of Reagan and Trump

Here’s the headline at U.S. News & World Report on this story from Reuters:

Exclusive: Dozens of Former Bush Officials Leave Republican Party, Calling It ‘Trump Cult’

And here was the headline on the same story from the Hill:

Former Bush officials leave GOP over failure to disown Trump: report

The U.S. News story from Reuters said, in part, this, bold print for emphasis supplied:

(Reuters) — Dozens of Republicans in former President George W. Bush’s administration are leaving the party, dismayed by a failure of many elected Republicans to disown Donald Trump after his false claims of election fraud sparked a deadly storming of the U.S. Capitol last month. 

These officials, some who served in the highest echelons of the Bush administration, said they had hoped that a Trump defeat would lead party leaders to move on from the former president and denounce his baseless claims that the November presidential election was stolen….

Kristopher Purcell, who worked in the Bush White House’s communications office for six years, said roughly 60 to 70 former Bush officials have decided to leave the party or are cutting ties with it, from conversations he has been having. “The number is growing every day,” Purcell said.

Their defection from the Republican Party after a lifetime of service for many is another clear sign of how a growing intraparty conflict over Trump and his legacy is fracturing it.

The party is currently caught between disaffected moderate Republicans and independents disgusted by the hold Trump still has over elected officials, and Trump’s fervently loyal base. Without the enthusiastic support of both groups, the party will struggle to win national elections, according to polling, Republican officials and strategists.

OK. Full stop.

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