Big Surprise – Illegal Immigration is on the Rise!

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by: Brent Smith

Literally every ill befallen this nation from the Obama regime, the Trump administration has been able to halt, slow or turn back completely.

And one the biggest was and is illegal immigration. Despite being fought tooth and nail by the left and the Deep State right, Trump kept his seemingly unachievable campaign promise and delivered as much of the big, beautiful wall as any president could. He thwarted the flood of illegals sponsored by the left to make Trump look bad, and just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

In other words, he put America and Americans first.

Now that’s about to change and once again, America, it’s citizens and legal immigrants will take a back seat.

Unless we are granted a Christmas miracle, Biden will take over in January and all the hard-earned progress that’s been made on multiple fronts will be purposely undone. And illegal immigration is one of them – and the illegals even know it, as they’ve already begun flooding over our Southern border.

from the Blaze:

DHS officials warn illegal border crossings are surging in anticipation of Biden presidency

Border arrests shot up 21% in October. It’s part of a growing trend.

Homeland Security officials warned recently they are already seeing a surge in illegal border crossings at the United States southern border as migrants anticipate more lenient immigration enforcement policies under a Joe Biden presidency.

What are the details?

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics released last Thursday, immigration authorities made more than 69,000 arrests during the month of October, which was a 21% increase from September and marked the highest total of any October since 2005.

The high numbers were part of a trend, as illegal border crossing arrests have been steadily climbing since the summer. Immigration authorities made 47,283 arrests in August and 38,536 in July.

On a conference call with reporters Thursday, acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan noted that while many of the crossings are due to worsening economic conditions south of the border, “perceived or anticipated shifts in policies” under a Biden administration were also creating new pull factors.

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