Beck has Enlightening Interview with Rudy Giuliani

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by: Brent Smith:

The more I read about, listen to and watch coverage of the Trump impeachment show, the more I’m convinced that pound for pound, the Obama administration was the most corrupt in the history of the United States.

Oh sure, past administrations introduced more damaging policies, that have haunted our nation for decades – administrations like Woodrow Wilson’s, FDR’s and Johnson’s. But as far as criminal behavior, nobody even comes close.

And within the administration, nothing seems more corrupt that the U.S. “Deep” State Department. They worked directly with the FBI and the American Embassy in Ukraine. And all effectively working on behalf of George Soros. And if you know who that is you also know that you can’t look at a picture of George Soros without saying, “Look Mama, it’s the Devil.” (h/t the Waterboy)

Heck, one of the FBI supervisors involved in all this eventually went to work for Soros.

And all of this is now being uncovered by just a few brave individuals. And one of them is turning out to be Rudy Giuliani.

I was never a huge fan of Giuliani, but I’m rapidly becoming one.

Glenn Beck, who has done more than almost anyone piecing together the intricate Ukraine corruption puzzle, recently interviewed Rudy, and it was quite revealing and uplifting. By uplifting, I mean that Rudy is one of the few people who has the direct ear of the president.

Presidents have a habit of insulating themselves from things such as this. It’s why, on occasion, we say, “How come the president doesn’t do something? I mean – we know this – he must also know. Well, not necessarily. But after hearing that Rudy is putting the pieces together, I’m more encouraged.

Watch Glenn’s eye opening interview with Rudy Giuliani:

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