Battle of the Presidential Billionaires

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp., parent company of hated Fox News thinks that one billionaire in the presidential race isn’t good enough. He tweeted out his desire for another to enter. And the other billionaire is none other than Michael “Nanny State” Bloomberg.

Is this the beginning of a draft Bloomberg campaign? I doubt it, but only time will tell, and it’s hard to say whether Murdoch was serious or not as he tweeted: “With Trump becoming very serious candidate, it’s time for next billionaire candidate, Mike Bloomberg to step into ring. Greatest mayor.”

Now right off the bat, you would have to question the sanity of Murdoch by saying Bloomberg was the “Greatest mayor.” I understand Murdoch and Bloomberg are good friends but calling him the greatest mayor, and thinking he wouldn’t be as progressive with the nation as he was with New York City, are a little far-fetched.

Murdoch failed to elaborate in any of his tweets for which party Bloomberg would run, although it seems to me he would be better suited to displace Hillary Clinton than any Republican, save for a few progressive establishment types.

Murdoch went back to Twitter to explain that although he was at odds with a lot of the “nanny state” policies Bloomberg enacted as mayor, he reiterated that along with Rudy Giuliani, Bloomberg made New York City the greatest.

Really? How could you disagree with “a lot” of Bloomberg policies and still support him? A few I get – but a lot?

Well, it appears he got some heat regarding his original tweet, for later he clarified, kind of, by tweeting: “I did not say I would vote for him! Just a friend I admire.”

Okay – so Murdoch says he would like Bloomberg to run, but won’t vote for him. How does that make any sense? But this may not be the first time Murdoch has attempted to draft Bloomberg. Murdoch’s News Corp. owns the New York Post. In April, “the Post floated the possibility of ‘Sir Mike’ – Bloomberg running for Mayor of London – and in a June a Post columnist said local Democrats had gauged Bloomberg’s interest in running for the presidency.”

So does Murdoch know something the rest of us don’t? Maybe. After all, they are very close, and with the Democrats scrambling to find a competent replacement for Hillary, Bloomberg may be the man. From a lefty point of view, Bloomberg has to be a step up from Bernie Sanders, the pasty white septuagenarian socialist or Joe Biden, the walking gaffe machine.

As mayor of New York City, Bloomberg has had a taste of the public sector, and maybe itching to get back into it. For a progressive, nanny-stater, the private sector might just not be satisfying enough.

He, no doubt, has seen how Obama has, with little effort, run roughshod over the country, instituting by fiat, every wacky idea that pops into his head. Bloomberg may be gleefully imagining all the punitive policies he could enact to force the nation to stop using salt and sugary drinks.

I’m sure compared to the exhilarating thought of confiscating all our guns, the private sector is downright boring.

But seriously – would this not demonstrate just how far our country has fallen down the rabbit hole – if we were left to choose between Trump and Bloomberg as president of the United States of America.


2 comments on “Battle of the Presidential Billionaires

  1. I had a dream. The shadow goverrnment (and yes, we do have a shadow government) doesn’t want Trump. One, they can’t control him. Two, the people want him. He would upset their global plans. Bloomberg, the worst mayor who ever lived, wants to unify his progressive base – you know, those idiot leftards who voted for him and the yowsa foreigners who hate us. He’s being called upon to divide us again and steal Trump’s lunch – with their own army, and go to war and may the worst marxist win. None of the clowns in the running have the power to overcome Trump’s lead, except maybe cruz, who’s not only ineligible, but whose wife is a member of the Trilateral Commission – that pesky shadow that bought obama and whose “man in Havana” is trailing behind. They are desperate – so they decided to fight billions with billions. Trump is going to need a lot more than 40,000 active supporters to fight this battle of billions. Bloomberg does not play fair. The communists have worked long and hard and don’t want to lose ground to a candidate chosen by the people. Hell, that’s democracy and they don’t want to empower the people because the people don’t know what’s good for themselves – right? So enter, Bloomberg, with his army of media airheads, bombarding us with bullcrap and contrived, false stories and lies about Trump, supported by a tsunami of negative news and extolling the virtues of the “greatest mayor” – NOT. If bloomberg enters the ring, this could become the most expensive and ugliest race this country has ever seen. Wait for it.

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