Barackalypse Now

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Us.....................Black Hole....................Dead!

I Love the Smell of Financial collapse in the Morning! Well, is the country starting to melt down? I don’t know, but it doesn’t look good. We’ve been downgraded, the stock market is tanking, food is more expensive, fuel is more expensive. Your house isn’t worth crap. But hey, oil is way down. That’s good isn’t it? That’s great if it trickles down to us at the pump & if you don’t think about why it is. With the overall economy so bad, speculators are betting that no one will be able to afford to buy fuel. That will increase the supply, driving the price down. Great news for all you tree-hugging green marxists. Not for the lower price of fuel, but that we can’t afford to purchase it. But I digress.

There is one guy that may be quite happy about our collective financial woes. That’s the devil himself, George Soros. According to more than one, in-the-know source, Soros may have made a billion dollars off the recent U.S. downgrade. The sources include the ETF Daily News, The Money Morning & The Daily Mail. There are very few people or funds that could’ve or would’ve taken this risk (if it were actually a risk). With his long ties & deep penetration into the Obama administration, he is the likely choice. Couple that with the fact that he just took his hedge fund private so as to not have to disclose information as he used to. Maybe it’s not so much of a risk if you know ahead of time. Just sayin. If you search, you’ll find the rabbit hole runs very deep between him & the current administration. Many people have left this administration to go work for Soros funded groups. Conspiracy? Maybe. But is it really that far fetched? It’s not like he hasn’t done this type of thing before. Start stocking up on food!

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