Banks are Caving to AOC’s Idiocy

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from the American Spectator:

Big Banks Cave to Pressure From AOC

SunTrust, a bank holding company centered in the southeastern U.S., announced on Monday that it will terminate its business relationship with CoreCivic, a leading American private prison and detention center company. The announcement was accompanied by a statement claiming that SunTrust’s decision was “made after extensive consideration of the views of our stakeholders on this deeply complex issue.”

SunTrust is the fourth major bank to exit the private corrections industry, following Bank of America in late June and JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo in March. These U.S. financial institutions ignore their contractual obligations in favor of tailoring their business dealings to the whims of progressives in Congress.

CoreCivic responded to the decision by accusing SunTrust of “caving to political pressure based on false and misleading statements about our company.”

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) have exploited the illegal immigrant crisis to stir public sentiment against the private detention industry. After a visit to a southern border holding center on July 1, Ocasio-Cortez alleged that guards at the facility engaged in “psychological warfare” against migrants and forced them to drink out of toilets.

Her claims, though quickly disputed and debunked by border patrol agents,  inflamed emotions against detention centers. CoreCivic’s ordeal — the company is not affiliated with the facility that Ocasio-Cortez visited and does not operate facilities on behalf of U.S. Customs and Border Protection — shows that firms are now being expected to answer for the problems of their competitors.

In an email to The American Spectator, CoreCivic Managing Director of Communications Steven Owen said SunTrust gave “less than a day’s notice,” having “notified [CoreCivic] Sunday afternoon and made their announcement Monday morning.”

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One comment on “Banks are Caving to AOC’s Idiocy

  1. A few years ago some commenter to an article posted this handy–and accurate–shorthand on the difference between fascist socialism and communist socialism:

    The communists killed all the business owners intellectuals and industry leaders, etc [put all under gov’t controllers]
    The fascists killed the DISOBEDIENT business owners, intellectuals, industry leaders, etc

    These are adding their names to the list of obedient minions to the fascist socialists of today’s Progressive Democrat Socialist Party.

    No coincidence their name sounds a lot like “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” or that AOC’s chief of staff wore a shirt honoring a Nazi and admitted her/their “green new deal” was not about climate or environment but off the Nazi economic model they want to replace our current economy with–the fascist model apparently, at least to start.

    Even the obedient ones may be insufficiently “woke” enough to feel safe once the tyrants have all control.

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