Another Win for the Left – an Oil-Free Future, thanks to COVID

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by: Brent Smith

Have you noticed yet that only one side of the spectrum has benefited from the panic-porn that is the coronavirus? The left.

And now there’s yet another leftist beneficiary of the COVID shutdown, lockdown hoax. It’s the Green movement.

I was always under the misimpression that Bloomberg News was all about finance and real news and stuff.

I don’t read it often enough to realize I was either always wrong, or that it took a hard left turn somewhere along the way.

I say this because I found an article about oil on “Bloomberg Green.” That should tell you all you need to know about the website, webpage and article.

Anyway, the article is about the worldwide boogeyman of modern civilization. Or Baba Yaga, for you John Wick fans. “The thing you send to kill the boogeyman.”

The boogeyman, meant to scare us all, is Peak Oil. The article is called “Peak Oil is Suddenly Upon Us.” It was splashed across my screen in like 100 pt. font. It was hhhuuuuugggggeeee!

Problem is, the authors of the piece have no idea what “peak oil” actually is. It’s evident they don’t from the start.

“A year ago, if anyone in the petroleum business had suggested that the moment of Peak Oil had already passed, they would have been laughed right off the drilling rig. Then 2020 happened.”

“Planes stopped flying. Office workers stayed home. “Zooming with the grandkids” replaced driving to see family. A year of global hunkering yielded the sharpest drop in oil consumption since Henry Ford cobbled together the first Model T. At its worst, global demand dropped by a staggering 29 million barrels a day.”

This is not Peak Oil. Peak Oil doesn’t have to do with usage or consumption. The scare of peak oil, going back like 50 or 60 years is that we will run out of oil – supply, not that we’ll just stop using it.

Peak Oil is the point on a curve of maximum exploration, discovery and extraction of oil and gas. The experts have been trying to scare into thinking we’ll run out because there’s only so much down there, or at least they once thought. The old theory that it’s all and only made from decaying dinosaurs and stuff, and that those things are finite so oil must be.

Some genius geologist back in the 1950’s even wrote that America would run out of oil by 1970. Then, in the ‘70’s the same brilliant scientist said the world would run out by 1995.

The green weenies have been hoping for peak oil ever since there’s been a green, save the planet movement.

But much to the consternation of the weenie-set, we’re not running out. Oil and natural gas are being discovered everywhere and at record rates. And that’s a problem for the left. It makes it much harder to advance their bogus agenda of a petroleum free, zero emission society if you can’t scare people into thinking we’re running out.

So like good leftists often do, if their original narrative isn’t working, just change it. It’s like changing global warming to climate change. When they figured out the world wasn’t warming, they just changed the narrative by changing the name.

Peak oil is the same, as I earlier explained. So they’ve begun shifting the narrative away from Peak oil being a function of supply (which it is) to a strategy of convincing us that it’s really a function of demand (which it ain’t).

After that, you get some industry experts to basically echo your new narrative.

“As a once-in-a-century pandemic played out, British oil giant BP Plc in September made an extraordinary call: Humanity’s thirst for oil may never again return to prior levels. That would make 2019 the high-water mark in oil history.”

Man, this pandemic hoax has been the greatest boon for the radical left since the invention of the riot. This was music to their ears. Life is good – right?

Look at what they’ve been able to accomplish in just a relative few months. Decades of societal destruction, killing the private sector, killing off organized religion, and starving out the evil “Big Oil.” The voluntary submission of a once free society via shutdowns, lockdowns and mask mandates. Arresting people for non-compliance. It’s unprecedented.

And what’s even more astounding is that not a shot had to be fired. No nation had to invade and conquer another to accomplish it. This is an historic event in every definition of the term. I don’t think it’s ever happened in history. And now that the radical left sees what they can accomplish and how far and hard they can push with little to no pushback, you can bet your last dollar it will damn well be duplicated in the future.

And you can bet that the newly defined “peak oil” will be part of that strategy.