Another Failure of California Government – Voter Registration

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from Conservative Tribune:

After Libs Help Them Avoid Audit, California DMV Finds 23,000 Bad Voter Registrations

“Trust us, we’re with the government.” If there were ever a time to be leery of that promise, it’s now … and if there were ever a place, it would almost certainly be in big-government California.

The west coast state — which has gone Democrat in every presidential election since the Reagan era — seems to be a test-bed for leftist policies, but the results of that liberalism ought to be a cautionary tale.

Recently, California became the state with the highest poverty rate in the entire country, while deep blue cities like San Francisco are struggling with rampant homelessness and public health crises.

Now there’s yet another big government failure to add to the list.

According to The Sacramento Bee, the state has mishandled a staggering 23,000 voter registrations, leaving the system in turmoil with just two months before the midterm elections.

“The California Department of Motor Vehicles … said the errors occurred within the state’s Motor Voter program — which allows eligible applicants getting a driver license to be automatically registered to vote,” explained the newspaper.

In simple terms, thousands of people who were assured they were properly registered to vote when they visited the DMV weren’t entered correctly in secretary of state records.

“The DMV said the errors stem from technicians toggling between multiple screens and registration information being improperly merged,” the report continued.

That means that a huge number of voters could find out they’re not even on the voter rolls when they head to the polls, if the problem isn’t solved by November.

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