Another Example of Media Bias

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from NewsBusters:

Mayor Joy Cooper of Hallandale Beach, Florida, was forced to resign by Sunshine State Governor Rick Scott on Friday after her Thursday arrest on three felony charges: campaign finance violations, official misconduct and money laundering. At least four Florida news outlets have run reports failing to tag Cooper, who is accused of accepted illegal campaign finance checks from Russians, as a Democrat.

The four outlets are:

Two of the four Florida-based reports reviewed put Governor Scott’s executive action to remove Cooper into their headline. The Sun Sentinel and Heraldwaited until Paragraphs 2 and 7, respectively.

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2 comments on “Another Example of Media Bias

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  2. People overlook that there are many ways to lie. One may tell an outright lie or mix lie with enough fact to make it seem “true”. Then there are the lies of omission…not “overlooking” or “mistake” but willful omission of pertinent facts.

    Our progressive socialist media cannot help themselves. In their zeal to protect their “own”, what they don’t/won’t say tells as much–sometimes more–than what they do say. Certainly that says more about who and what THEY are.

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