Another Demonstration of Congressional Stupidity

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by: the Common Constitutionalist



I recently read an article from the Hill’ s Blog Briefing Room regarding an interview Democrat congressman from Illinois, Rep. Luis Gutierrez gave to


I can’t help but to comment on the article and particularly representative Gutierrez’s silly nonsense regarding illegal immigration.


As always, my comments will be bracketed [ ].



President Obama “has the responsibility” to stop deportations of illegal immigrants if Congress proves unable to pass a comprehensive immigration bill, Rep. Louise Gutierrez (D-Ill.) argued in an interview published Friday. [First, I want to congratulate the blogger for at least calling the “immigrants” what they are… illegal. But I am wondering what authority Mr. Gutierrez thinks the president has to do such a thing. Constitutionally, he has only the authority to dutifully carry out the laws charged by Congress.]


Gutierrez told Salon, “There are devastating effects if the Congress of the United States cannot enact comprehensive immigration reform – then the president of the United States has the responsibility to act to defend those immigrants, which he says he wants to provide safety and justice for”. [We have been living with the same immigration system for years. Now all the sudden, the effects of “inaction” are devastating. And never fall for the whole “comprehensive” plea. In Washington, comprehensive just means, big, fat, bloated, thousands of pages to hide crap you want but don’t want the public to know, omnibus, money wasting bill. And in no way does the president have any responsibility to act to defend criminals. That would be like me having a responsibility to defend someone who broke into my own house.]


In 2012, the Obama administration announced it would stop deporting some illegal immigrants who entered the United States as children under certain circumstances. Gutierrez, who has helped lead the Democrat legislative effort in the house, said the president should “definitely look at” expanding that policy to all 11 million immigrants who have entered the country illegally, if efforts to reform the nation’s laws remain stymied in the Republican-controlled House. [I have heard Obama on more than one occasion lament the fact that he is not a king; that he can’t just do what he wants. By the way, as demonstrated by his actions, he doesn’t really believe that. But congressmen like Gutierrez seem to give no thought at all to granting Obama such power. It appears that he’s never read the Constitution he swore to uphold. And he certainly has given no thought of the consequence of relinquishing the power of the legislature to the executive branch. Ignorant people like him are very dangerous.]


“I think that those who call on the president of the United States to reevaluate his actions on the dreamers and expand it – I think that’s something the president of the United States should definitely look at, and begin to evaluate how he brings that about”, Gutierrez said. [Dreamers? You mean criminal aliens. I’m a dreamer. What about me? I dream of not ever having to sign up for the nightmare that is Obamacare. I guess that would make me a “pipe dreamer”]


In an interview with Telemundo in September, the president said that advocates of immigration reform shouldn’t expect him to use prosecutorial discretion to address the issue if Congress is unable to agree to reform legislation. [Quite right. They and we should expect them to use dictatorial discretion. And as an aside: don’t you love how far we’ve come? There’s Telemundo for the illegal alien set, Al Jazeera for the terrorists and their sympathizers, all the rest for the Marxists and now Fox for the Karl Rove moderates. We are left with Blaze TV, talk radio and the ability to still access the Internet]


The president added, “So that’s not an option. And I do get a little worried, that, you know, advocates of immigration reform start losing heart and immediately thinking, well, yeah, somehow there’s an out here, if Congress doesn’t act, we’ll just have the president sign something, and that’ll take care of it, and we won’t have to worry about.” [Well Mr. Obama, why would they/we not think that? We’ve been conditioned to expect you to do what you wish and dare Congress to stop you. That is your mode of operation, is it not?] end article.


Okay, reality check time. We all know, one way or the other, Congress and the president will collude to pass yet another monstrous mystery bill. But let’s not fool ourselves. Legalizing 11 million (hah, more like 20 to start) criminals will not help the economy. Low skilled, low-wage workers, most who don’t speak English will not help the economy. They do not pay taxes; they get refunds. They do not buy houses. They are forced to live in squalid inner-city public housing. They are an uneducated, non-English-speaking drain on society. I can’t blame them for coming here. I’m sure it’s better than the place they left. But we have enough unemployed and underemployed citizens in this country already trying to compete for the few low-wage positions that are still out there. Flooding the market millions more unemployed will hardly “help our economy”.

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