Another “Covid” Death that Wasn’t

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How many more just like this?

from the Blaze:

Oregon’s youngest COVID-19 victim did not actually have the virus, according to CDC test

‘They assumed it was COVID’

An Oregon family is searching for answers after new testing from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that their son, once presumed to be the youngest COVID-19 victim in the state, did not actually have the virus.

Matthew Irvin, 26, died suddenly in early July after falling severely ill just a few days prior. At the time, state health officials said his death was likely the result of the coronavirus due simply to the fact that he displayed several of the symptoms.

According to KGW-TV, Irvin was listed as the state’s youngest coronavirus victim.

“When including him in the death count, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) used information from Irvin’s death certificate, which listed COVID-19 as a cause or significant condition contributing to his death,” the news outlet said. “The state reports people who died from the disease and with the disease as the same thing. It says it’s in line with national recommendations from the CDC.”

But the family was always suspicious of the diagnosis. None of Irvin’s co-workers, family members or roommates tested positive for the virus, the family said. A coronavirus test administered at the hospital during Irvin’s emergency room visit came back negative, the outlet reported.

And now, according to the family and the state medical examiner’s office, new CDC testing proves conclusively that he did not have the virus. After an independent autopsy came back inconclusive, the family sent a sample of Irvin’s lung tissue to the health agency, and the CDC’s examination showed no evidence of COVID-19.

On Wednesday, the Oregon Health Authority announced Irvin had been removed from the state’s coronavirus death toll list.

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