Another Clue to a National Police Force

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By: the Common Constitutionalist

A little while ago I wrote an article on what I think Obama meant when he said “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

You may link to that article here.

When I first heard it I thought, okay – maybe it’s beefing up the FBI or this whole NSA thing. Now I know that’s not it. It’s much more dangerous.

It’s the desire for a nationalized police force and now I’m wondering if he’s not the only one who desires such a thing. I wonder if some in Congress have the same idea. That or they are just too gullible and reactionary to see what’s going on.

This nationalized police force can’t happen all at once – no one would ever accept that. Like all leftist ideas, it must be incremental and opportunist. The architects, whoever they are, must be prepared to react when a “good crisis” arises so as to not waste the opportunity. Opportunities like Michael Brown, Eric Gardner and Tamir Rice.

We on the side of freedom must be vigilant and watch for signs of progress toward their end – no matter how subtle or unconnected they may seem.

So when I read this just a couple of days ago I perked up. From Personal and the St. Louis Post dispatch: “Spurred by the Ferguson, Missouri, shooting and other recent cases of deadly encounters involving police, Congress in its final hours of work for the year passed legislation requiring states to report deaths of people arrested or detained by police to the attorney general. The measure requires states that receive federal aid for crime control, law enforcement assistance and other programs to report on a quarterly basis the death of anyone in police custody. It imposes penalties for states that don’t comply. It also requires the Justice Department to use this information to come up with proposals to reduce the number of such deaths.”

Now to the untrained eye this may not seem like a big deal – but to the trained eye, or some would say, to the wacky conspiracy theorist that sees things that aren’t there, this is indeed another step toward their goal.

And in typical fashion, this is how the feds always co-opt the states: money. One could just picture the feds saying “You didn’t actually think there would be no strings attached when youpolice took our money, did you?”

The article quoted that swine Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill) on the Senate floor saying: “It seems like such a simple matter to require adequate information to be collected.”

Sure Dick – it’s just a simple matter. What – we just want to compile some data – crunch some numbers – that’s all. It’s not like this data would ever show us tendencies toward racism. That’s not what we’re actively looking for as an excuse for the Justice Department’s civil rights division to sue you into submission. No – we’ll let you decide the outcome of the inevitable civil rights lawsuit against your city’s police department.

Just remember – we in the federal Justice Department have more money than God. So why don’t we just forget all this expensive and time-consuming lawsuit talk and simply join the U.S.P.D. You’ll have all the ammo and camo you could want.

Some who I’ve spoken to regarding this topic think I’m crazy but just look around. Look at all the rioting, the protests, the marches, etc. These aren’t happening by accident. People with seemingly little or no money are being flown all over the country to join in protest marches – being greeted with cheers by crowds and lefty politicians. Those behind this scheme must maintain this level of hatred toward the police to achieve their goal.

These poor people who, for whatever reason, lost their loved ones are being used – they’re pawns – being manipulated by Obama and Holder and their minions to advance their centralized version of justice.

We must stay alert and keep an eye and ear out for more signs of their want for a nationalized police force.