An Ocean Reclaims Part of a City

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from the American Spectator:

On a day in which Boston got walloped with 13.5 inches of snow, Mayor Marty Walsh fingered a familiar suspect for the assault upon the city: global warming.

Ignore the moon influencing the tides, the near-hurricane force winds, the foot-plus of snow, or the fact that because of massive land reclamation projects the Shawmut, once synonymous with peninsula, no longer resembles Florida, Baja California, or any other promontory that juts into the water. Global warming did it.

“If anyone wants to question global warming,” hizzoner explained, “just see where those flood zones are.”

Some people do not get their own irony.

An academic accent seconded the blue-collar Boston explanation of why the collateral damage from a blizzard really stems from global warming and not a harsh winter.

“Thanks to global warming, the ocean is higher than it used to be — there’s no scientific dispute about that,” Middlebury College Professor Bill McKibben [and global warming alarmist] proclaimed to the Boston Herald. “Therefore, when a big storm pushes it toward the city, it goes farther in. Since so much of Boston used to literally be ocean, before it was all filled in, this should not be hard to understand. I’d say His Honor gets a solid A in Earth science.

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