American Jihad, Part One

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This is a 4 part series on what is likely in America unless enough of us wake up.

As Rudy Gulliani says, the further we get from 9-11, 2001, the safer we think we are. This is a false sense of security. These Islamic radicals are a very patient bunch. Whereas we Americans may think in terms of weeks or months, they will plan things for years. This isn’t an episode of Hawaii Five-O, where they solve the murder and catch the bad guy in an hours time.

2 comments on “American Jihad, Part One

  1. seen this video before,and since it’s so scary and alarming,it’s definitely worth a repeat. this is a very brave doctor and we owe him a huge debt of graditude for speaking out. from what i’ve read,our prisons are one of the main ways that young american men are being converted and radicalised into muslim religion.

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