All Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballots are Unconstitutional – Yet Here We Are

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from the Blaze:

Horowitz: Republicans have a moral obligation to support the Pennsylvania lawsuit against universal mail-in ballots

Will we allow our election system to be upended by a single state supreme court?

Will we allow our election system for future elections to be upended by a single state supreme court, which happens to consist of partisan hacks? If the answer is no, then the only option is to fight the open lawlessness in Pennsylvania with every channel and tool of both the judicial and legislative processes.

While there is much focus on allegations of ballot fraud, there is the greatest systemic election fraud in plain sight that has still not gotten its day in the highest court in the land.

The bottom line is that the number of mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania grew from 266,208 just four years ago to 2.6 million in 2020 – all built upon an illegal state supreme court decision and a state omnibus election bill that violated the state’s constitution. As such, millions of ballots, pursuant to state law and the state’s constitution, are invalid, and because they implicate the ultimate federal question regarding the election of the president and vice president, those votes violate federal election law and the U.S. Constitution.

That might be an inconvenient truth and a messy predicament, but ignoring it won’t make the constitutional crisis – along with its accompanying political/electoral fallout – disappear. Questions of standing, judicial remedies, and other technical limitations don’t diminish the broader point that millions of ballots were cast illegally in a process enabled by one of the most partisan state supreme courts in the country. Furthermore, hoping to fight this out “the next time” in court, in legislatures, or at the ballot box misses the point that there won’t be another time because Democrats would have already successfully established the precedent that they can unilaterally alter the rules of an election midway through it.

The simple fact that nobody can deny is that the mail-in voting law that was attached to an omnibus election bill in October 2019 — Act 77 — violated the state’s constitution. Whether one agrees with the laws or not, Article VII of the Pennsylvania constitution states clearly that there may be no alternatives to in-person Election Day voting aside from those approved for absentee ballots, which require voters to demonstrate their absence.

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