After All the Hype – Pelosi Says Trump’s not Worth Impeaching

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from the Federalist:

If Pelosi Believed Her Claims About Trump And Russia, She Would Impeach

There was some sad news for progressives yesterday as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Washington Post Magazine that she will not pursue impeachment against President Donald Trump. It’s not just Pelosi: House intelligence committee Chairman Adam Schiff also came out against trying to remove the president from office, saying “failed impeachment is a bad idea,” and that it can’t happen “in the absence of very graphic evidence.”

The speaker claimed “he’s just not worth it,” but anyone who has read a newspaper or turned on the television in the past two years knows full well that if Democrats believed there were serious evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump, articles of impeachment would be flying out of printers in her office.

Just back in January, speaking about the Roger Stone case, Pelosi said “It’s also bothersome his [Stone’s] and the president’s suggestion that’s that we should question whether we should be in NATO, which is a dream come true for Vladimir Putin.” Back in July of 2017, Pelosi promised there is “cold, hard evidence” of collusion between Russia and the Trump family.

Less than a month ago, Schiff was even more bullish on the collusion question. He told CNN, “You can see evidence in plain sight on the issue of collusion, pretty compelling evidence.”

One thing is clear to any fair observer: if Pelosi and Schiff really believed their outlandish rhetoric on Russian collusion, they would be moving to impeach the president. If they believed, as they previously claimed, that there is clear evidence to show Trump is in bed with Putin, they could not move fast enough to present that evidence and force Republicans to defend an obviously compromised commander in chief. The fact is, they don’t have the evidence, and they don’t expect Special Counsel Robert Mueller to provide it.

Essentially, thus ends two wasted years of bloated claims that Trump is a puppet in Putin’s pocket, taking instruction from Moscow in the most audacious corruption of a democracy in the history of democracy. No reasonable person can conclude that if Pelosi and the rest of her caucus thought they could prove collusion that they would not do so. They can’t. That is why, despite the current progressive winds and the bloviating of young representatives like Rashida Tlaib, who promised to “impeach the motherf-cker,” they will not actually be impeaching the motherf-cker.

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