Advertising Government

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

We’ve all heard those wonderfully inspiring & heartfelt radio & TV ads.

They promote ways to help us manage our lives.

We all know of the Ad Council. It was originally named, “The War Advertising Council”, the brain child of the great, big government progressive, Franklin Roosevelt. You know, Newt Gingrich’s favorite president.

War Advertising Council Ad


The Ad Council is the nation’s largest developer of PSA campaigns on behalf of government agencies and non-profit organizations, most of whom get at least some funding from said government. So basically, from the government.

Where would we be without our nanny overlords and the Ad Council?

How would we survive without the Feds telling us men how to be a good fathers.

I personally would never think of taking my children to the forest without the U.S. Forestry Service paying for an ad, using my tax money, telling me to go to the forest.

I never used to monitor my children’s internet use. Then I heard the government, via the Ad Council, tell me I should. Shazam!

I’ve been eating rocks & dirt for decades. Then I heard Mrs. Obama say, I should be eating vegetables. Talk about feeling stupid for all those years. Thanks Michelle!

How much do we (our government) spend every year on these ads? I have no idea. No matter where I look or whom I call, I can’t find out, but I’ll bet it’s astronomical.

I am not saying (yes I am) the things they talk about in their ads are not important to some, but it is most certainly not the government’s job to pay for disseminating that information. Maybe it is. Let me check my Constitution. Nope, wasn’t in there.

Just browse The Ad Council website & you’ll see almost all their ad campaigns are either directly or indirectly sponsored by the Feds.

The intent of this segment is not to judge whether or not these ads are useful (they are not, by the way). I’m simply questioning the right our government has to confiscate our money & use it this way. It’s absurd on its face.

This is not the governments’ function. We can afford to pay for ads telling people not to drive drunk (Gee, why didn’t I think of that?), but we can’t afford tax cuts?

I can imagine Washington, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison et al sitting around saying, “Ok, we’ve won our independence from an oppressive government. What’s the first order of business?”

Franklin stands up and exclaims, ” Why don’t we allocate our new governments funds for me to print a pamphlet. I could explain to our moronic citizenry, how to properly fasten their children into buggies.”

I’m sure that’s what the founders envisioned.

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  1. According to my theory, the amount of money spent by all levels of government on public service announcements (PSA’s) is inversely proportional to the amount of money spent on advertising by private industry. Thus, during the current recession we would expect to find that advertising by private industry fell while government advertising rose to fill I the gap. My impression as a radio listener is that a greater percentage of advertisements are now government-sponsored.

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