A World Turning Against Biofuels

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from CFACT.org:

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has suddenly reversed its support for biofuels. The panel now admits growing crops for fuel “poses risks to ecosystems and biodiversity.”

ethanolmakingScientists—and many Green activists—turned against ethanol and biodiesel years ago because it took too much land. However, the United States and EU governments have kept their farmer subsidies. “Environmentalism” had suddenly become political payoff.

The key science for the turnaround was supplied in 2008 by Princeton’s Tim Searchinger in Science (“Use of U.S. Croplands for Biofuels Increased Greenhouse Gases Through Land Use Change,” Science 313:1238–1240). The research revealed that plowing up more grassland for renewable energy crops frees massive amounts of soil carbon to gas off into the air. When rainforests are cut in Brazil to grow sugar for ethanol or in Indonesia where peat-lands are drained to grow palm oil for EU biodiesel, the gas-off of soil carbon is far greater. That means tripling our food costs and paying higher costs for auto fuel has achieved no real reduction in greenhouse emission.

I warned them. My 2006 report on President George W. Bush’s higher ethanol mandate was titled Biofuels, Food or Wildlife? The Massive Land Costs of U.S. Ethanol. I warned that the United States might lose another 50 million acres of wildlife habitat.

The USDA, where Secretary Vilsack ardently supports ethanol, gives no report on land conversion despite its voluminous databases. The Environmental Working Group, which opposes ethanol, says it used modern mapping and geospatial technologies to measure converted parcels larger than 10 acres. They found 23.6 million acres of grassland, wetland, and shrubland converted to corn just between 2008 and 2011. Nor does that include the land growing soybeans for U.S. biodiesel, now above 10 million acres per year. Meantime, higher corn and soy prices give increasing incentive to clear woodlots, tear out fencerows and fill or drain wet spots–on tens of thousands of farms across the eastern half of the U.S.

“It is neither moral nor constructive to shift major amounts of the world’s food supply to fuel production when significant elements of the world’s people remain ill fed,” I wrote then. “It is neither moral nor constructive to needlessly destroy broad tracts of wildlands for fuel crops when alternative energy sources such as nuclear power are not being used. It is a dreadful breach of human ethics to adopt a policy that creates both of these harms at the same time.”

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3 comments on “A World Turning Against Biofuels

  1. With all the hype I see no coverage on discoveries that would provide the bio fuels.
    Witch grass is a weed that will grow just about anywhere. land that wouldn’t be used for crops could be used for this. Do we see it in the media? NO The government wants control and the only way is to control the media and keep the people ignorant. They looking the hero now comes up with a solution which as always removes just a small part of your freedoms that they will assure you they would never abuse. YEA RIGHT.

  2. OMG!! Feinstein again. And again I find myself in agreement with her. That’s twice. In one week. Has she inadvertently forgotten to drink her Kool Aid? Been touched with sanity?

    As for the UN-IPCC reversing themselves…having an attack of science…about time! Took them long enough. This doesn’t mean they will now embrace real science on “climate change” but hey, a little good news is better than more stupidity.

    If they all really want something useful on which to focus their efforts how about efficiently converting all the piles and piles of garbage in America to energy. AND all those land fills could be converted to…wildlife habitat or parks or…of health food stores!

    Seriously, crop subsidies always were a horrible idea. Biofuels, except on small scales (like on some farms and businesses) are as destructive as windmills/wind turbines…also not bad on small scales like on farms for livestock wells and such.

    But really, if those setting policy that large swaths of the developed, industrialized world are trying to follow are this slow at learning…

    • I thought the same. It may be that she is becoming just a simple liberal, not a radical or maybe it’s that this current bunch just makes her seem more reasonable.

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