A Win for the Good Guys in Virginia

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There was a vote to ban “assault” weapons, and other gun-related items in the blue commonwealth of Virginia. And the news is nothing short of miraculous.

With all the anti-gun rhetoric coming out of Virginia lately, one would believe that the commonwealth who brought us George Washington, James Madison and George Mason had gone completely off the constitutional rails.

But instead of passing a sweeping weapons ban, cooler heads prevailed and tabled the vote until 2021. It wasn’t a vote in favor of the Second Amendment entirely, but it is progress.

I ask that at the end of the article, you watch the video. It’s quite instructive. And it ends well!!

from the Blaze:

Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam suffers embarrassing loss as assault weapons ban is rejected in Virginia

A huge win for the Second Amendment

Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam’s all-in push to ban the sale of assault weapons was rejected in the state’s Senate after moderate Democrats joined Republican colleagues to sink the initiative Monday.

Cheers erupted in the committee room packed with gun supporters as senators voted to put the bill on hold for a year so that the state’s crime commission could study the issue, the Associated Press reported.

Four Democrats decided to vote with Republicans on the issue, rejecting legislation that aimed to outlaw new sales of some semiautomatic firearms, such as the AR-15 rifle, and require current owners of such firearms to register with the government within the year. The bill would also have criminalized the possession of magazines that hold more than 12 rounds.

The bill’s rejection is an embarrassing loss for Northam and Democrats in Virginia, who aimed to use their narrow and new-found majority to push a broad progressive gun control agenda in the state.

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