A Vote for Trump

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

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“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes – and ships and sealing-wax – Of cabbages–and kings – And why the sea is boiling hot – And whether pigs have wings.” (Lewis Carroll)

I’d like to announce that indeed, in 2016, pigs do have wings and can fly. I know this must be so, because I told someone months ago that I would only vote for Donald J. Trump, when pigs fly.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, at approximately 0700 EST, the Common Constitutionalist will enter my local polling facility, on the back of a flying pig, and cast my vote for the Trumpster.

To my regular readers and listeners, this will come as a surprise, as I have said repeatedly, that I will no longer vote for someone just to vote against the other candidate – even if the other candidate is the most corrupt individual ever to seek high office – bar none.

Many have said that our choice was a binary one and that I/we must choose the lesser of two evils. Fine, I would reply – but the lesser of two is still evil. There is always a third option and that is none of the above. If Trump wanted my vote he would have to earn it – give me a reason to vote FOR him, other than he is not Hillary. He had not done that.

And then, on Saturday, October 22, 2016, Trump stood in front of a crowd in Gettysburg, Pa. and gave a substantive policy speech. Some would say it was arguably the most important speech of his pursuit of the presidency. I would agree.

With this one speech, he has earned my vote.

I make no excuses for his many faults. He is an egomaniacal, blowhard, whose stock-in-trade is bloviation and exaggeration. I will not defend his personal shortcomings, nor campaign for or endorse him. I will simply cast my ballot for Trump.

As I stated, until the Gettysburg speech, his campaign had sunk to the level of Hillary and the democrats – mired in scandal and back-biting. Gone was any substance – anything meaningful. Then he laid out his 8-point plan for the first 100 days in office.trump-gettysburg-front-getty

After reading the transcript I did a quick calculation of what it would take to win my vote. I decided that if he could triumph on just one third, or 3 of his eight points, that was enough to cast my ballot in the affirmative. Then I read it again.

He stated that on Day One, he will, 1: “roll out our plan to BUILD THE WALL, send criminal illegal immigrants home, and finally end the open borders nightmare.” Do I think an Israel-style wall will really be built? No I don’t – but he is wedded enough to the idea of cleaning up the illegal immigration/sanctuary city problem, that I believe he will indeed fight for this issue. That’s one of three.

2: “Begin renegotiating ALL unfair trade deals like NAFTA…” This is red meat for ignorant supporters and I don’t care much about it, so – no on that one.

3: “CANCEL all executive orders, bureaucratic rules, and crippling regulations that send American jobs overseas.” This is something that he as president can do immediately, with a few strokes of the pen. Any executive order/action can be undone with another executive order. That’s number two.

4: “Work with Congress to REPEAL and replace the disastrous Obamacare…” Until just recently I didn’t think there was much chance of this, but with the release of the well publicized rate hikes looming, the call for repeal could not come at a better time. It will still be an uphill battle – so probably no to maybe a half a point.

5: “Lift the radical Obama regulations on America’s energy industry to END our dependence on foreign sources and create new jobs here at home.” He will have to gut the EPA to do this, which will be harder than it sounds, so – half a point on this.

6: “Propose, pass, and sign into law a massive TAX CUT for all working Americans and unleash the job-creating power of our small businesses.” I’d loved to see it, but I don’t hold out much hope –at least not right away, so no point.

7: “NOMINATE Supreme Court Justices who will uphold the Founders’ Constitution and not legislate the liberal agenda from the bench.” Despite the Constitution not being the property of the “Founders,” and that he may never have read it, I believe now that he will nominate from his published list. Still, no point, as the democrats will miraculously pivot 180 degrees, coming to the conclusion that a six justice court really isn’t such a bad thing. That will be fun to watch.

8: “IMPOSE strict new ethics rules to restore the integrity of the Office of the Secretary of State.” Half a point on this, as it will depend on who he nominates. Strict ethics rules aren’t necessary with the right Secretary of State. Half a point.

That’s a total of 3-1/2 out of eight – just above my threshold.

Do I believe what his teleprompter told him to say? No more than any other politician – but also no less. In my estimation, his next step should be to publish a short-list of potential Cabinet appointees.

For those disappointed in my decision – oh well. I harbor no ill will toward anyone who chooses not to vote for Trump, and I understand completely – if your decision is substantive and not purely political.

About the Common Constitutionalist

Brent, aka The Common Constitutionalist, is a Constitutional Conservative, and advocates for first principles, founders original intent and enemy of progressives. He is former Navy, Martial Arts expert. As well as publisher of the Common Constitutionalist blog, he also is a contributing writer for Political Outcast, Godfather Politics, Minute Men News (Liberty Alliance), Freedom Outpost, the Daily Caller, Vision To America and Free Republic. He also writes an exclusive weekly column for World Net Daily (WND).

16 comments on “A Vote for Trump

  1. With all your arguments considered and evaluated it becomes the plausibility that is the issue. A president represents the people entirely. with that said he can and will talk to the people with the medias blessing or not. while a presidents powers are defined the peoples powers are not. because they are the source of the power of our nation his spoken word can cause tremendous pressure on the representatives. Many of the things Trump wants could be beneficial to this nation. The term limits of our representatives would help to cut the corruption. We must only take time to look at the finances of these people to see that they enter the service to the people with only average worth. In a span of very few years most are well off millionaires. I am sure that they don’t have the skill to manipulate what they get as income into the millions in such a short time. Addressing our needs for our highest court. This is an area in which every American depends upon to be served by people who are upstanding and with high moral standards. people who put their integrity above personnel beliefs to apply the laws and not interpret them. Term limits are requested for all the other representatives so should it be with these people as well. Many of this nations problems come from ignorance. We have an extremely small percentage of our population that actually have read our constitution much less understand it. If we don’t know what is wrong how can we recognize it and move to correct it. to solve any problem it must first be recognized. Choosing whoever will provide that which is best for a nation should be the only things considered. Someones habits of their speech and relationships is irrelevant unless they would offer a danger to the nation. What a person promises and what they can deliver like the author says determines if he would vote for them. This is where our political pressure is focused. If the people understood what could actually be delivered the choices would be easier. So many base their choice on a very narrow need. Tell people you will give them something for free and you have their attention. If they had a clue of how a nation functions they could recognize the bullshit when presented. We have no chance of this happening on this election so it will be up to the people who has the motivation to vote and vote with our nations future in mind and not their own personal want or need. We have only one last try so it had better be correct.

  2. Brent, I too could not envision myself casting my ballot for Trump. Cruz was my first and only choice. but with that dream out the window, I have also come to the conclusion that I must vote for Trump. I don’t care for him at all, but he’s not Hilary. enough said.
    seriously, may GOD help and preserve our wonderful country.

  3. Like you, I harbor no ill will for anyone who comes down on either side of the “Trump train”. If they have weighed it out and considered it carefully; and if they can articulate their decision with substance (as you have) – good for them.

    But I have come to a different place. Yes, Trump said some good things in that speech as he has on other rare occasions. i simply have no confidence in what he says. I can’t believe a pathological liar whether he’s saying what I want to hear or not.

    But the primary reason I can’t get to the place where I vote for Trump is Biblical. God gave us the requirements for choosing a leader in Exodus 18:21. “…men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain….”. Sounds like the opposite of Trump to me. And I have yet to find a Biblical exception for ignoring that if the other option is even worse.

    But that’s just me.

    • Mike, perhaps you need to really return to the bible for further reason and reading to vote for Mr. Trump. Do you think having a liar who destroyed 33,000 emails then lied about it; a woman who risked our national security by using an unsecure server; a woman who allowed four American heroes to be sodomized tortured, and murdered in Benghazi then lied to the world that a video caused it; a woman who defended a rapist of a sixth grade little girl whom he had raped so horribly for five days that the young lady can never have children – and she got him off by saying the child had asked for it – then she laughed about getting him off; a woman who destroyed other women who accused her husband of being a sexual predator – a rapist who lied under oath that he had not had sex with that woman in the Oval Office while POTUS – and was impeached by the House because of that lie – thank God, Monica saved her blue dress with his DNA all over it – and putting KILLary in the WH puts Slick Willy in contact with young interns all over again – are you willing to risk those women’s safety? Please, Mike, read your Bible.
      What has Mr. Trump done that was “dishonest gain”? If you are talking about the left talking point that he didn’t pay sub-contractors – tell me, Mike, do you pay people who contract with you to do a job or perform a service on your home or in your business and they don’t do it right or it’s shoddy workmanship, or they don’t do it? I certainly don’t pay them unless and until they have done the job correctly to specifications in the contract. The other leftist point: they accuse Mr. Trump of hiring illegals. Not so. Mr. Trump uses E-verify to hire anyone. If they are not here legally, he does NOT hire them.
      Are you alluding to Trump University? How come one of the litigants is a person who had written a marvelous evaluation of the course expounding on how they so enjoyed it and learned so so much, that the instructors were so professional, etc. You know, Mike, as do I, just because you take a course does not guarantee you’ll be a success. You must WORK at it.
      So, Mike, where exactly is the “dishonest gain”? I see none.
      Mike, I really hope you will reconsider and vote for Mr. Trump. His plan is economically sound. It will provide JOBS for our younger people and that is my concern – our younger people and the idea that they will enjoy the freedoms we have fought for and spilled precious treasure to preserve. Under KILLary, our beloved America will cease to be. Under President Trump, our Constitution will live, be honored and respected. Our freedoms will be there for generations to come. Mr. Trump stands for life wheres KILLary is pro abortion up until delivery but a C-section could save the mother and the baby. The God of my bible said, “Thou shalt not kill”. He also said, if you scandalize one of these children it be better a millstone be hanged about your neck and you be dropped into the depths of the sea – what would He think if you voted for someone who is strong on abortion and what He said was so vehement on scandal – think, what would He say about abortion?
      Think it over, Mike. Mr. Trump offers us hope in God for he believes in God with all his heart. More pastors have supported Mr. Trump than I have ever seen on my many decades of voting. God has brought Mr. Trump to us and God chooses whom He wants to lead us. Just because we don’t recognize the vessel God has chosen or it has nicks and imperfections doe not mean that God is wrong; rather, we are and must pray for His guidance. Blessings, Mike ~

      • Thank you, Patriot. However, I don’t need any convincing of how horrible Hillary is. I agree 100% that she is unqualified. I wouldn’t vote for her in a million years. But that has nothing to do with Trump. He must stand or fall on his own merit. My standards aren’t variable dependent on the badness of the opponent. That’s called moral relativism and it is intellectually lazy and dishonest.
        Trump’s pro-life position is a fairly new one, and he still supports federal funding of Planned Parenthood. In the primaries he supported government run healthcare and homosexual marriage, as well as allowing men in the bathroom with little girls.
        His view of the Constitution is not nearly as sound as you claim. He has vowed to “go after” those in the media that he doesn’t like or that don’t cover him favorably. He supports the denial of 2nd amendment rights without due process to those on the “no fly” list. Those are just 2 examples of his lack of knowledge or concern for things constitutional.
        Trump “believes in God with all his heart” you claim. Yet he rejects the most basic precept of Christianity when he says he has never done anything for which he needed forgiveness from God. I’d note that satan believes in God, and can also quote scripture – that doesn’t make one a Christian.
        In 2008 Trump openly and proudly supported Hillary and heavily funded her campaign. What is different about Hillary today vs 2008? The verse in Exodus that I referenced deals specifically with bribes when it talks about dishonest gain. What do you call it when a wealthy person gives LOTS of money to a politician so that politician will in turn act favorably to the wealthy person?
        You urge me to read my Bible so I assume there is something applicable you believe I have missed. Please give me the reference and I’ll certainly read it.
        Thank you.

    • I have no reason to argue against God nor the Bible–“But I did Find Several Exceptions
      For Your Arguments–that are Found in the Bible–both in the Old & the New Testaments-!
      One was Moses–where he had just killed an Egyptian over-seer–about to Lash a young
      Hebrew-! The Bible says “Do Not Kill”–but Moses was chosen to Lead Israel back to
      the Holy Land-! This was God’s Choice & I do not argue against It-! in New Testament–
      He Chose John the one who persecuted the other Jews with whipping, fines, & etc. -!
      This choice excited Me–because with all he had done against other Christians–What
      was God Thinking Of-!? Maybe because God “Forgave Us All of our Sins-even enemies”!
      It probably Aches a lot–but maybe I’ll do it too-! But David was faithful–& Saul was not-!
      David had many opportunities to Kill “God’s Saul–But Evil Saul still wanted to Kill David
      until Saul Died a natural Death-!

      • David was a ‘good’ king. But do note David and Bathsheba.

        David had a harem, but he coveted Bathsheba. Hence he placed Bathsheba’s husband in a situation where he would be sure to be killed, and then took Bathsheba into his harem.

        Sex sells, lurid sex sells better. The Bible is not exactly pristine or puritanical. Trump is definitely not celibate nor saintly, but despite an army of smear mongers, the worst that has been applied to denigrate him are words, NOT actions.

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  5. Gutting the EPA may well be his easiest job. It does not require ‘laws’, merely Executive Action cancelling regulations.

    Much the same can be said about Immigration and Education. And opening the floodgates of Energy should be a no-brainer.

    Consider the biblical. Especially King David. Not exactly a sexual Puritan. And then Trump, apply the adage Actions speak louder than words. Despite an army of ant-Trump pseudo journalists, all they can smear him with are words, not actions.

    • David was chosen by God. As were Saul, Samson, Noah, etc. He never asked His people to choose any of them. But He did give us instructions about the qualifications to use when we do choose leaders

      • Mike, Don’t get me wrong, I believe that following the Holy Bible in everything we do in life is absolutely the way to go. I am a Christian, not because of my membership in the church or perfect attendance for over 30 years, or for having read all the different versions of the bible cover to cover, but by my faith in Jesus. I believe that all of life’s answers are in the bible but not that we necessarily always interpret what we read correctly or we stop searching when we find something that fits our concept of the answer we want and that is often before we find the true answer that he has for us. You said that God chose David, Saul, Samson, Noah, etc. which is true, yet knowing their fault and short comings he knew that he could use them to further his plan and I say as he also knows the same of Trump. I’m not asking you to go against your conscience, but to only have faith enough to give God a chance to use him as many of use believe not only can do but will do. Remember, like it or not, by not voting gives a vote to Hillary. Your vote will only cancel one vote for her if you cast it against her. God forgives us our mistakes and I believe that not voting for Trump and allowing Hillary to win would be a much worse mistake than voting for Trump. I pray that God will give you peace no matter you decision come Nov. 8

  6. I cn accept the decision of others to vote for DJT. HDRC is so grossly, overwhelmingly WRONG, so deeply corrupt and reeking of vileness and deceit people simply cannot believe ANYONE–even Trump could be a worse choice. I get that. I wish I could buy it. But though he has not done as much harm to everyone generally as she has it is, IMHO, merely lack of opportunity. He is still the serially lying, arrogant narcissist who is impulsively vindictive and emotionally immature. HE didn’t get better as SHE has been revealed–one would have thought impossibly—worse.

    If the vast majority of American voters REJECTED BOTH of them and chose their favorite from those remaining, BOTH of the liars would be defeated.

    But you’ve chosen to join the “binary choice” bunch, Brent. As I said, I understand. Really, I do. While I cannot defend your choice I will defend tirelessly, your right to make whatever choice you can live with.

    But I would be a lot happier–as would we all going forward–if most folks told both the greedy. lying cons to Eff off and voted for L or C or G or I…anything BUT D or R at the top. As I understand it, Old Abe Lincoln was a “third Party candidate” when he won.

    • I accept everything you’ve written, but I’ll ask you to hold judgment until you read my WND piece – either Monday at WND or Wednesday on my site.

      • My judgement isn’t the one that matters and as I said, I accept that most other people will vote in what they consider strategic ways unless they are diehards for one of the two “binary choices”.

        It’s just that we bemoan being served sewer rat time and time again when what we want is prime rib. Well…when the “establishment” serves seer rat regardless of what you order, send it back. Refuse to partake. As long as we continue accepting the garbage as our due, we’ll never taste that prime rib.

        But I do look forward to your post on WND.

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  8. Where or where have the Blue Dog Democrats gone? Off to the cemetery like my hero JFK, or faded into the background of the current Socialist/Communist (Democratic) Party like James Webb who I believe would have made a better President than either of the two at the top of the ticket. I was a Democrat once, way back in 1976. I cast my first vote for Jimmy Carter as a young Navy Submariner. Four years later brought Ronald Reagan and the entire nation (almost it seemed) was reenergized and once again proud to be an American. President Reagan wasn’t perfect, no human being can be. He had his faults, but overall he projected good feelings to all of those who came into contact with his good heart and great smile. Reagan wasn’t a businessman, and wasn’t part of the Political Royal Ruling Class. He wasn’t a political insider like George H.W. Bush who was supposed to be the GOP champion in 1980. After Reagan, my beliefs and loyalty to the Republican Party began to wane very quickly under President George H.W. Bush. He certainly was no Ronald Reagan. The Bush Family views were opposite of Reagan’s. Instead of seeing big government as the problem, the Bush Family was for big and bigger government. His decision to reverse course after his pledge not to raise taxes was an eye opener for me. This decision alone was likely the reason why Ross Perot made such a huge difference in Bill Clinton’s victory. After 8 years of Clinton, I began to realize that there really wasn’t much light between the Democrats and Republicans except on social issues like abortion and gay marriage. Both parties backed NAFTA, both were in bed together on the CRA, and supported big government massive regulations over the private sector. Then Baby Bush was elected in 2000. Yes, I reluctantly case my vote for Baby Bush because Gore simply was Clinton’s Court Jester. I was proud of the way Baby Bush initially handled 911, but soon thereafter he lost me completely by invading Iraq instead of focusing on Afghanistan and indeed Saudi Arabia (who we now know largely was responsible for funding the 911 terrorists). The Iraq war made absolutely no sense. Saddam Hussein had provided a buffer between Iran (Shiites) and Syria (Shiites) for decades. I began to put the puzzle together by stepping back and looking at all the players involved in the Middle East (Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni OPEC dictators, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, etc.). This region has been ablaze in violence for several hundred years. What is interesting is that, if you do the research, the big issue is about oil and natural gas exports to Eastern and Western Europe! I used to laugh back in 2002 and 2003 when protestors were chanting “No War for Oil”. I, like many others, bought into the WMD/Saddam Evil story. Now, even with these two being true, this conflict was and still is more about oil and gas exports than anything else. By 2006, after coming to some of these conclusions I totally lost faith in the War Mongering False Conservatives within the Republican Party. I almost left the party in 2006 but I remained a member and stopped paying dues to the RNC. It was at this point that I began directly donating to outsiders like Ron Paul who I voted for in 2008 and 2012. By 2014 I was totally disillusioned with the GOP Establishment. They passed every single big budget deficit, enacted Sequestration instead of doing their jobs, and funded every single unconstitutional Obama Executive Order. Even this World Bank is still in operation bleeding Americans dry! In 2016 I once again supported a Paul for President, Rand Paul. When he dropped out I supported Ben Carson until he dropped out. After that, I took a look at the bombastic outsider Trump. Although I did not like him personally, his family could be a reflection of a better Donald that we do not see publicly. Trump isn’t a conservative and I am sure he doesn’t totally understand the definition and meaning of the word republican. But, I could say the same exact thing about Bush, McCain, Romney, McConnell, Boehner, Ryan and the rest of the GOP Establishment. So, now it is November 6th, 2016 and the nation is at a crossroads. The USA is $20 Trillion in debt and has a trade deficit of $365 Billion annually. These numbers alone should be a red alert alarm that we need to reverse course on big government. For those of you who believe in NAFTA and free trade I say this, “How many years will it take before the wealth of these United States is drained when we are sending it off to countries overseas, many of these countries that hate America (China)”? If we are not producing anything then there is no balance whatsoever in this trade deal and we eventually are going to end up broke. A nation has to earn its way, it cannot simply continue to borrow and it certainly cannot continue to spend. I am not just talking about government borrowing, I am also talking about consumers buying products from countries overseas and wealth flowing out of the country. You have to be an economic imbecile not to see the long term effects of this. It is not sustainable and it is reckless. What is worse is that we sit here and talk about how we are getting a great deal by buying things for less from a country like China, a communist dictatorship that uses slave labor to produce. Does anyone really think that these massive deficits are helping Chinese workers, or is it more likely that these deficits are lining the pockets of the Chinese Oligarchy and funding their own military buildup for a future confrontation? Wake up America. If we are going to trade with the world then let the world competition begin. Let’s not give favored trade status to China. Give it to a country like the Philippines or some other country that does not hate us and won’t abuse its own people and workers. Lastly, in June of this year my wife and I cast my vote in the California primary for Donald Trump. In July we relocated to the swing state of Las Vegas Nevada where we both cast our vote early for the Trump/Pence ticket. Why? #1 Donald needs no Congressional action to secure the borders, uphold immigration law and VISA expirations. #2 He has provided a list of 20 justices to that he would choose from for the Supreme Court, #3 He has promised to repeal and replace ObamaCare (tough but it is going to collapse on its own anyway as it was designed to). #4 Tax and Regulatory Reform promises (even if he gets half of these done its a win). #5 Lastly, I believe that Trump loves this country. I have looked back at all of his past comments and videos and he has been fairly consistent in that he believes in fair trade and that he loves this country. In 2010 I become a major supporter of Tim Cox’s GOOOH! movement which was an effort to replace all 435 House members with true citizenship representation. I still believe that we need strict term limits in the House and at least half of the Senate. I also believe that we should modify the electoral college so that areas within states own their own electoral vote instead of the big city districts themselves. This was a very long post, I know, but hopefully at least one person will read it, enjoy it and get something out of it.

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