A Punch in the Face Doesn’t Even Register

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by: Brent Smith

Please read the following paragraphs from an article at Campus Reform and see if you can find what’s missing.

The article is entitled, “OSU: Derogatory terms against Whites ‘do not have the same impact’ as on minorities.”

As I don’t have Campus Reform’s permission to reprint the entire piece, I just pulled the most salient parts to make the point.

And don’t blame the author, Lela Gallery, for not pointing it out. She was doing what an actual reporter is supposed to do – report the facts without bias, allowing the reader to conclude what they will. Leftist so-called journalists should try it sometime.

After Ohio State University students protested following the university publishing information regarding two Black hate crime suspects, as it is required to do under federal law, it is now attempting to assuage the anger of protesters, saying that “derogatory terms against Whites do not have the same impact as they may to marginalized groups.”

In case it’s not yet clear, the perps are black and the victims white.

A few days after the initial email was sent, the university revealed that the victims of the crime are White, and that one suspect had punched a student in the face and yelled a racial slur.

The response by OSU’s Security heads was what we would expect – cowardly and completely missing the mark.

“The chief [University Police Chief Kimberly Spears-McNatt] and I [OSU Director of Public Safety Monica Moll] recognize that derogatory terms against whites do not have the same impact as they may to marginalized groups,” Moll told The Lantern. “We’re certainly not trying to say that they carry the same weight.”

Now what is missing from that very profound and heady statement by the two “law enforcement” professionals?

If you’re still having trouble, please allow me an assist.

One black suspect punched a white victim in the face and yelled a racial slur.

Got it? Throughout the entire article, as Ms. Gallery quotes the two “law enforcement professionals,” not once did the OSU officials even mention the fact the someone was PUNCHED IN THE FACE!

Last I read the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights, it was very clear regarding our freedom of speech. It purposely mentions absolutely zero about what kind of speech is free.

And why? This is why. They didn’t want the government or the mob to become the arbiters of what is and is not acceptable speech.

Now maybe I’m just old school, and certainly not a constitutional scholar, but I’m almost certain that the right to punch someone in the face is not covered.

But this is where the left is. And it’s worse on college campuses nationwide than anywhere else.

They acknowledge the “racial slur” but then excuse and defend its use – at the same time not even recognizing the physical battery of the victim.

I guess the old adage is no longer true, as it appeared in the African Methodist Episcopal Church’s publication, the Christian Recorder, in 1862.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never break me.”

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