A Poll Says Americans Love Guaranteed Jobs

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from IBD:

Nearly Half Of Americans Embrace ‘Guaranteed Jobs’ — An Idea Straight Out Of The Soviet Union

“Guaranteed jobs” is fast becoming the latest rallying cry for Democrats. And a new poll finds that 46% of Americans approve of it. Don’t read too much into that poll result.

Last week, we noted that a liberal policy group urged Democrats at a leadership meeting to adopt “guaranteed jobs” as a pillar of their economic plan. In short order, Bernie Sanders said he would soon unveil his plan to achieve that. Under it, anyone who “wants or needs” a job but couldn’t find one on their own would be guaranteed a government job paying $15 an hour and generous benefits.

Other prominent Democrats have latched on to this plan, including those with presidential ambitions like Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker.

Maybe they are on to something? When Rasmussen asked about the idea in its latest poll, it found that 46% favor it.

The idea of government-guaranteed jobs isn’t exactly new. The Senate proposed such a guarantee in 1977. The far-left Nation magazine resurrected it in 2014, saying the country could “easily afford” to guarantee every American a job. That same year, the Huffington Post ran a poll and found that 47% favored the idea — with 22% strongly favoring it.

The only thing lacking here — besides common sense — is context.

Like, say, what would it cost those with actual jobs to support millions of guaranteed-for-life make-work jobs?

The liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities figures the annual price tag at $543 billion — roughly equal to the entire defense budget. That would be enough to fund 9.7 million full-time jobs, which would cover those currently unemployed plus those “marginally attached” to the workplace.

That’s almost certainly a lowball estimate. In addition to the 9.7 million the CBPP counts as unemployed, there are nearly 10 times as many people who aren’t officially in the labor force because they aren’t looking for work. The prospect of easy money would no doubt bring millions, if not tens of millions, of them back. Nor does the CBPP factor in the likelihood of rampant waste, fraud and abuse.

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