A Good Day For Conservatives

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By: the Common Constitutionalist

Update 0615: Well that Good Day was short-lived. Guess I should have known it wouldn’t last. I thought maybe we could have 24 hrs to bask in the glow of a victory before being dashed on the political rocks. But the squishes saw the “SHUTDOWN” looming, I’m sure it was panic time. Oh well, I’ll leave this up here anyway.

Enjoy the false hope as I did last night.


Just look at what transpired Thursday in Congress – the hapless Boehner, trying to rally the troops to no avail in an effort to try to pass a $1.1 trillion bill through next September.

And what of the bill? Well, like magic, 200 additional pages were added to it between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. It’s like those elves that show up at the Cobbler’s shop in the dead of the night.

Who added all these pages to the bill? Gee, I don’t know? I left it right here last night and when I woke up there were 200 additional pages? Huh.

Now it’s obvious the voters, at least the conservatives don’t want anything to do with this train wreck. The Daily Caller reported that the Capital Hill phone lines were jammed on Thursday. Neil Munro wrote that at 3:28 Thursday afternoon, it took a full 7 minutes for someone to pick up the phone whereas it’s normally answered immediately.

“When quizzed by TheDC, the switchboard operator merely said ‘there is high call volume.’ She declined to describe the level of calls. ‘My job is to answer and transfer,’ she said. TheDC called again at 3:50 and a second operator picked up the phone after nine minutes.”

This is obviously a good indication that the electorate is not happy with the GOP. I say that with confidence being that democrat voters don’t usually call in. They riot, loot and burn down their own neighborhoods – but they don’t call.

Now many on our side still cling to the belief that the Republican leadership is just too afraid to fight. Some still continue to say that the Republicans are just frittering away their mandate. After all, they’ve now won 2 midterm elections in landslide fashion. What are they so afraid of? Is it the Democrats – the media? Are they afraid of another government shutdown – that is never a shutdown?

BoehnerThe conservative punditry continues to hold this view of Republicans. They all say the GOP just needs to develop a backbone and stand up to the Democrats and the media. They’re going to blame you for what ever happens anyway, so why not just stand up for yourself? I guess for a long time, I could count myself as one those pundits. I just couldn’t understand what they were so afraid of.

I no longer hold that view. It is painfully obvious that Republicans, at least the ruling class, simply don’t want the same things we do and unlike Pelosi, Boehner just can’t twist enough arms to get the bill passed.

And that, at least so far, is actually a very good sign. It appears that enough House conservatives have decided to just do the right thing and damn the “Party” and the consequences.

Boehner even had the help of Obama, who said despite his misgivings, the bill must be passed. Nancy Pelosi did not agree. Pelosi said she would vote against the bill, but told dems they could vote as they wished. She did however urge them to vote no – which they did.Pelosi

This is a huge win for Pelosi, who demonstrated she still had leadership clout. If anyone thought she might just fade into the background and that she had lost her power, think again. Ding Dong – The Wicked Witch is Not dead.

The Washington Times reported that “Mrs. Pelosi brushed past a crush of reporters waiting outside the room, who asked if she would be willing to be responsible for shutting down the government. She didn’t answer.”

And why would she. She knows, as does anyone with a brain, that the Republicans will get blamed if it comes to that. The Dems can always count on the press to carry their water.

But so what. Let it happen. Let it shutdown. Whatever happens, we’ll deal with when it comes it.

For now, we conservatives should just chalk Thursday up as a win. I doubt it will hold. Inevitably some will crack or be bought off, but this is a victory, however fleeting, for the good guys in Congress and they should be congratulated.

Perhaps with more positive encouragement from us, they will stand up to leadership more often and who knows, maybe even call for a vote of no confidence in the leadership and replace them.

Too much to ask?

4 comments on “A Good Day For Conservatives

  1. Good grief! I do not understand our spineless leadership! We gave them
    a mandate!!! We want them to stop this awful stuff that is ruining our
    country! We want this president STOPPED& stopped NOW. Why give
    away months of budget when we don’t have to? What kind of dirt or
    threats have been cast upon them? NEWS FLASH WASHINGTON—-
    do what we elected you to do. Get some steel in your spines & men
    grow a pair & ladies put on your big girl panties & do the right thing while you still can!

  2. The real truth of what the ‘elite’ GOP is doing is protecting their power. Period. When America is destroyed by the Commies and Fascists ruining it, the UN will come in and declare our country theirs. Boehner, McCain, McConnell, want those ‘elite’ seats to just transfer to that One World Communist Government table. That is ALL that is happening. They fully intend to be rulers of the WORLD. And US citizens be damned.

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