A Georgia Boy Dies of Covid-19

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by: Brent Smith

The Georgia Governor is a Republican. Recall he caught a ton of flak from the left for reopening the State. And for that, the left has had a vendetta against him. Actually it’s ever since he had the nerve to defeat that leftist dimwit Stacey Abrahams.

Now, by sheer coincidence, just as schools in Georgia are opening, this happens.

It’s a fact that children have little change of contracting coronavirus. And to all you leftists – yes some kids will get it anyway – and that relative few will be plastered all over the main stream news, like it’s the Black Plague.

Leftist behavior is so easy to predict.

So get this. This is from Fox News of all places. Way to look into the details before posting it. Good Job!

“A 7-year-old old boy from Savannah, Ga. (they forgot to mention that he was black), with no underlying conditions, became the youngest victim to die from the coronavirus in the state, the Georgia Department of Public Health reported Thursday.”

“Every COVID-19 death we report is tragic, but to lose someone so young is especially heart-breaking,” Dr. Lawton Davis, director of the Coastal Health Department, said in a statement, according to FOX 5 in Atlanta. “We know that older individuals and those with underlying conditions are at higher risk of complications, but this is a disease everyone should take seriously.”

“According to the Chatham County Coroner, the child had a seizure and fell in the shower and was unresponsive. The coroner said seizures are a common response to the virus.”

Preliminary results show “acute seizure secondary to COVID” is the cause of death, but it is still unknown exactly what killed the child.

Did they just contradict themselves in the space of about 10 words? Why yes they did.

Does no one read what is written before it’s posted?

The cause of death is Covid-19, but we don’t know what killed him? Huh?

Is not the cause of death what killed him?

Then they add this little gem, almost as if it’s not really important.

The article says the actual cause of death, “may be a long time coming.”

But the kid definitely died of Covid-19. Is it just me?

And this is what we unstable conspiracy-mongering conservatives mean when we say this virus, that is legitimately killing a tiny subset of our society, has morphed into no more than a political tool to mainly bash Trump, but also any Republican that dares to choose freedom over fear and tyranny. It’s shameless.

Now to the seizure.

The fevers that trigger febrile seizures are usually caused by a viral infection, and less commonly by a bacterial infection. Influenza and the virus that causes roseola, which often are accompanied by high fevers, appear to be most frequently associated with febrile seizures.

Just a side note: these articles are dated August 8th – this past Saturday, but the boy actually died over two weeks ago.

Febrile seizures as explained by the National Institute of Heath (NIH) website: Febrile Seizures Fact Sheet | National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

“Febrile seizures, are the most common type of convulsions in infants and young children and occur in 2 to 5 percent of American children before age 5. Approximately 40 percent of children who experience one febrile seizure will have a recurrence.”

So this should be an Ah-Ha moment for anyone paying attention. Were you paying attention?

And please bear in mind – I’m only trying to get to the truth – I’m in no way belittling or discounting this poor kid’s death.

What’s the Ah-Ha moment – or moments?

First thing is, this kid was 7. So logically, since Febrile Seizures happen “before the age of 5, that would mean that this kid had convulsions or seizures before and this may be a recurrence.

Notice the NIH doesn’t say “most often occurs before age 5, or mostly occurs before age 5. It is a definitive statement.

See, I’m not a scientist nor a medical professional or “expert,” but I can read.

Second: “The coroner said seizures are a common response to the virus.”
No they’re not! When was the last time 2 to 5 percent of anything was considered common?

Third: The report hits the main stream media just before kids are going back to school – yet the child died 2 weeks ago.

And fourth: the announcement of a cause of death is a tad bit premature – don’t you think. The cause of death is coronavirus, but we don’t know what killed him and it “may be a long time coming,” but it’s definitely Covid-19.

I don’t know whether this is shoddy journalism, shoddy medicine or a political hit peace to convince the State of Georgia to shut down again, but it sure raises some red flags for me.