A Celebration of Black Radical Communist Angela Davis – At a Middle School

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by: Brent Smith

Well this sounds at least as bad as it truly is. The indoctrination of our youth continues and likely will now go into hyper-drive, or perhaps even ludicrous-speed, now that the leftists have taken control of the national stage, and thus the U.S. Department of Education.

The Blaze article below uses the term “alleged” on more than one occasion, which means that the story has yet to be confirmed for sure. However, it’s also one of the instances where you just read and say, yeah, I can believe they would do that, knowing how radical and pro-Marxist a lot of the public school teaching profession has become. Don’t worry about kids not reading or writing or becoming proficient in math. No, let’s have a black power rally instead.

And a student rally for the black communist radical Angela Davis? Please! But hey – why not – after all, she did endorse Joe Biden.

from the Blaze:

Fifth graders forced to celebrate ‘black communism,’ hold mock ‘Black Power’ rally for Angela Davis, define ‘communist’ in ‘favorable terms’: report

Well this doesn’t sound good

A Pennsylvania school is under fire after fifth graders were reportedly forced to celebrate black communism and hold a mock “Black Power” rally amid Black History Month celebrations.

What are the details?

Students in one Philadelphia elementary school were allegedly forced to celebrate “black communism” and endure a mock Black Power rally in order to “free” Angela Davis, outspoken radical political activist, from “jail.”

Christopher Rufo, a contributing editor at the City Journal, detailed the alleged activities — which he says were outlined by whistleblower documents — and said that he spoke with a school source that corroborated the details.

Students at William D. Kelley School were reportedly exposed to the playacting through a social studies class that praised Davis — “the ‘black communist'” — for her fight against “injustice and inequality.”

Students, according to Rufo’s report, were also told to pretend they were participating in a rally to free Davis, who was once jailed — and later freed — on charges of murder and more.

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