2020 Has Been a Banner Year for Liars, Cowards and Scoundrels

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by: Brent Smith

The year 2020 will likely go down in the annals of American history as indeed one of our worst – at least until 2021.

A lot of the anguish can be laid square at the feet of democrats – national, State and local. The interminable COVID lockdowns, shutdowns and ridiculous edicts by leftist Governors and Mayors have done immeasurable and in many cases permanent harm to businesses and families.

And of course, the theft of a national election.

But, as Scott McKay points out in the following article, it’s not all the fault of leftists and democrats – one in the same these days.

Republicans, mostly State legislatures, have sat by in cowardly silence and allowed their democrat counterparts in various executive branches to run roughshod over State after State – succumbing to COVID panic-porn and illegally changing election rules to suit the left.

from the American Spectator:

Liars, Loons, Morons, Cowards, Hypocrites, and Ruin

Last month, just a few days before announcing at a press conference airing statewide that Thanksgiving celebrations involving participants from multiple households would contribute to a deadly spread of COVID-19, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards was photographed cavorting, sans mask and without socially distancing, at the exclusive Baton Rouge Country Club.

The photo initially surfaced on Twitter last week and became something of a sensation around the state. Edwards didn’t help his cause when, asked about the photo in a rare example of actual journalism among Louisiana’s legacy media, he denied anything he’d done violated the letter or the spirit of his mask mandates.

Edwards’ moment of hypocrisy wasn’t quite the breathtaking offense that California Gov. Gavin Newsom perpetrated when he was photographed at Napa Valley’s exclusive French Laundry restaurant with a table full of health-care policy bigwigs after shutting that state down. Or when Chicago’s atrocious mayor Lori Lightfoot was caught on camera without a mask at a Joe Biden rally in violation of her own edicts. But it was competitive with Austin Mayor Steve Adler, who demanded his city’s residents stay home while he himself vacationed in Cabo San Lucas. Examples along those lines have popped up like mushrooms across the country.

The rank hypocrisy of America’s ruling class ought to be enough to send the American people into a full revolt against the COVID-19 restrictions being imposed on the country. Those shutdowns, after all, are completely destroying small business in America. Main Street will never recover, at least not in its current form. The wanton destruction and utter cruelty of it was perfectly illustrated in a viral video made by a panicked restaurant owner in Los Angeles showing her ruined business side-by-side with a movie studio’s virtually identical, and open-for-business, catering lot.

And we know that the shutdowns and mask mandates don’t work. We’re endured the stupidity of the ruling class’s response to the Chinese virus for almost 10 months now, and the evidence is in. Of course, you have to look for it, because too many of the supposed leaders in charge of cities and states in this country certainly won’t acknowledge the wealth of statistical evidence showing that locking down our people does nothing to keep them safe.

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