Stop the Presses, Carney is Honest

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Jay Carney, White House press secretary, has kind of stepped in it. “The White House doesn’t create jobs,” Carney said, adding “the government, together — White House, Congress — creates policies that allow for greater job creation.” Yeah, ok. What’s all the uproar? We all know what he meant. True, but for ever we hear the left say the opposite & appear to mean it. Take credit when we can, dodge & deflect when we have to. I don’t want to hear, Republicans do it too. No, they don’t. Progressives, of which there are a majority on both sides do. Nancy Bella Pelosi, (must say the following like Dracula) I vant to suck you vallet (thanks Jay), said, “More jobs were created” in one year of Obama than in eight years of Bush. She also said that Obama has been a job creator from day one. Words mean things. The strategic use of the language is meant to confuse & sway people. I just thought this one moment of honesty was funny. He (Carney) will be taken to the woodshed for a little debrief. By the way. The slightly positive jobs number released today will be, as always, quietely revised down. Also, teachers are going to start being rehired this month. That will count toward this months phony number.

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